Amber Monarch

Location Veridian, Ashborne Caverns
Bits Awarded 21,000 (NG)
33,600 (NG+)
? (NG++)
? (NG+++)
? (NG++++)
Armor Armor Goes here
Health Health Goes here
Weakness Weakness Goes here

Amber Monarch is an Enemy in Immortal Unchained. Amber Monarch is an optional Boss located at the end of the Ashborne Caverns on Veridian.

Amber Monarch is an upgraded variant of the Juggernaut enemy encountered later in the game.

The Gemini Protocol can be found in a Strongbox in the Amber Monarch arena.


Amber Monarch Location

  • Veridian, Ashborne Caverns
  • From the Underground Waterfall Obelisk, follow the path down and through the swamp full of Vine Snare-traps and Contaminators. Once through the swamp there will be a shielded Trooper on the rocks to the right. Continue forward to the next area where you will go up a hill through a stone archway. Amber Monarch will be visible in the large open area to the left. Climb down any of the ladders in the area to reach the boss arena.


Amber Monarch Loot


Amber Monarch Strategies and Tips

  • It is entirely possible to cheese this boss. Go up to the Obelisk which is above the boss arena, then head back where you came from until you get to the small stone arch/bridge before the ladder to the boss arena. Stand there and wait for the Monarch to be in a comfortable position, shoot his back so that it gets a huge chunk of his HP down. After that, if your position is correct, his grenade barrage attacks won't be able to hit you (only occasionally, move out of the way when necessary), wait for him to do his grenade launcher attack, then shoot his head with preferably a sniper rifle. After that, try to aim at his head, when he covers it with a shield, just wait for him to shoot his grenades again, headshot again, and repeat. This way he won't (can't) use his powerful melee slam attack and the suicidal exploding minions won't get in your way (they will spawn but can't get up to you). Kill the Monarch, and enjoy the loot and Bits. Note that as you WON'T BE ABLE to shoot his back/weak spot, only once, this is an ammo-consuming fight, hence strong snipers and headshots are recommended. Bring as many ammo packs for this cheese as necessary. You still can get damaged by grenades because of the AOE damage, be prepared. Also it is possible that a grenade knocks you down the arch after the explosion, effectively killing you. When he prepares the grenades, move back to a safe spot on the stone platform.
  • Another effective solution is use Ashborn Sniper Rifle. You can hide around the pillar near the ladder where he use for reset the position. If you stay far enough, he will always walk back to starting point. Just bait all acid suicide minions until they run out (maybe 20-25?). Use precision attack when boss walk away and expose his back. He will go down after 10 shot if your damage is high enough.
  • For a boss that can be found so early in the game, the Monarch is incredibly powerful, able to easily one-hit kill characters with 260+ HP with his melee attack. Has a huge HP-pool, so be prepared if you are attempting the boss at a low level.
  • Although it may seem easily learnable, the Monarch's attack patterns are quite unbalanced, as if the Player doesn't go extremely near him, he won't move at all and only use the grenade attack, thus essentially making him take less damage. The Player must rush towards the Monarch and around him to get to his weak spot, and he only does movement/melee attack when the Player is in melee range, only exposing his weak spot for that fracture of time.
  • When going against the Monarch, the Player should be advised to NOT lock on to him, only when attacking his weak spot, as toxic gas-emitting suicidal enemies spawn during the fight (some from set spawn points, those can be triggered BEFORE you trigger the boss fight, and some randomly AFTER the Player has triggered the fight). Thus, the Player should be advised to always keep an eye on his/her surroundings so as not to get caught in an explosion/gas of an enemy and die in seconds. Because of this, the fight is much more difficult (unfortunately, artificially so) than it should have been.



Amber Monarch Notes

  • Amber Monarch is an upgraded variant of the Juggernaut enemy found later in the game.
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