Location Veridian, Bilegrove
Bits Awarded ????
Armor ????
Health ????
Weakness Insides of tree, when opened

Arlen is a Boss in Immortal Unchained. Arlen is the final boss encountered in Veridian/Beagor.



Arlen Location

  • Veridian, Bilegrove
  • From the Cinderwoods Gate, follow the path through the forest & ruins, up the volcano, through the volcano interior, and  finally through the Bilegrove to reach Arlen.



Arlen Loot

  • Heart of Fear (key item)
  • Chainbreaker
  • Kron Chieftain's Shivs
  • Advanced Component
  • Bit Canister, Medium x2
  • Cold Patch
  • Internal AI Assistant
  • Technical Aptitude Boost
  • Phantom Protocol


Arlen Strategies and Tips

  • Quickly take out the Possessed Thicket when it appears, this causes Arlen to open up. Watch out for the charging roots that shoot straight at you, after the insides take a certain amount of damage, the tree will close up again. 
  • Insects will appear after Arlen has taken damage and start healing him, take them out quickly.
  • Watch out for the tentacles as they alternate between swinging and slamming down on your location.
  • Arlen will shoot projectiles on occasion, when you notice him rearing up, move out of the way.



Arlen Notes

  • After defeating Arlen, a tougher version of this boss can be fought, Echo of Arlen. The door to this fight is on Apexion, close to the starting point.





    • Anonymous

      04 Oct 2018 20:54  

      I’ve unlocked apexion. I killed Ravager. I’m I supposed to kill Arlen next since it’s on Veridan or I wrong. Cause apexion seems kinda a little to high lvl but I like the challenges. Where do I go? Search for Arlen in veridan or goto apexion and come back later

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