Armor is defensive Equipment in Immortal Unchained. Armor is handled differently them most games and in Immortal Unchained.


Armor in Immortal Unchained

Name Effect/Description Location
Carrying Capacity I Increases Ammunition capacity by 25%.  
Armor Plating I Reduces damage taken by 5%.  
Elemental Resitance I Reduces fire damage by 20%  
Medical Attachment I Increases medpack capacity to 5  
Grenade Attachment I Increases grenade capacity to 3  
Details Design: Bright Green Fine detailing is the hallmark of artisan armorsmiths, seperating the good from the truly talented  
Armor Pattern: Camoflage II  Intricate armor designs are a sign of power and dedication, and rare patterns are sought after all across the Cosmos.  
Armor Dye: Moss Green The color of a warrior's armor can represent their race, house or company. It can also be the coagulated blood of the vanquished.  

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