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Ashborne Caverns Map


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Weapons & Equipment

Special & Others



  • Basic Enemy
  • Dual Glaive Enemy
  • Rupturing Enemy
  • Flamethrower Enemy
  • Sniper Enemy


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Full Ashborne Caverns Walkthrough

Entering the Caverns

When you emerge, you'll have to fend off two enemies on either side. Defeat the one on the left and proceed on the ledge he emerged from to find a Point of Interest, and a Small Strongbox containing a Legion Auto Shotgun at the end. Head back out to two more enemies. Head up the ramp on the right to loot a Small Strongbox for 1x Basic Component. Continue forward and head down the ramp where you will find an FB drop, and will be subsequently attacked by two enemies with automatic weapons directly ahead -one on top of the rock, and the other beneath.

Venture right, and you will also be attacked by another one hidden by a shield. Beyond him is a 500 FB drop, and a path to the left. Taking the left path will invite an attack from the left, above, and ahead. As there is an Obelisk on the left beyond some plants, after taking the left path, it may be a wise decision to rush for it, and deal with the enemies after you've restocked. 

Looting Beyond the first Obelisk

Head away from the direction you came from, and you will enter a watery area and will be immediately presented with a split path. Head right until you reach a set of plants covering the path. Check to the right of this for a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, and an Ancient Shard next to it. Continue through the plants until you come across another split, this time taking a left. Continue on until you reach a ramp that brings you up to a Strongbox containing 1x Armor Pattern: Camouflage 2, and 1x Small Ammo Pack

Welcome to the Jungle

Head back to the Obelisk, and out the other direction (where you initially came in). Take care of the two dual glaive-wielding enemies that engage you and head up the path on the left of the big rock in the middle-ish. Here you'll find another enemy behind a shield, and another dual glaive-wielding enemy. Continue in the same direction, picking up the FB drop on the ground as you come across another bridge. There will be an enemy on your right, and another three basic enemies behind a shield across the bridge, with a dual glaive-wielding enemy. 

Continue onwards to come across a flamethrower-wielding enemy -be careful when killing him as if you blow up his flamethrower, it will blow up and leave flames that can damage and impair your movement- guarded by a shield, and another dual glaive-wielding enemy. Continue on this path, and across the bridge. At the other end, you'll find two basic enemies and a dual glaive-wielding enemy, all behind a shield. Continue to find a ladder, to the right of which is a Strongbox containing a Wooden Club. Before climbing the ladder, return to where the shield is and look for a platform to drop off on the left. Here you'll find another Small Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree. Drop down once again, and loop back around to return to the ladder, and climb it. 

Up here you'll find an FB drop. Further forward, you'll encounter another shield covering another flamethrower-wielding enemy, and a dual glaive-wielding one too. Continue forward, hugging the left wall to arrive at a Strongbox containing a Pilgrim's Enforcer. Continue forward and you will come across two regular enemies, one dual glaive-wielding enemy, and a sniper. Defeat them to pick up the FB drop and access the Armor Shrine behind them that rewards you with Carrying Capacity 1.

Head left to arrive at a wooden ladder, and a Large Strongbox that requires 9 Cerium Decree to open. Proceed down the ladder and there will be two paths. The one directly in front brings you to a small platform holding a Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Energy Potion. Head right to arrive at the next Obelisk.

From the Obelisk

Take the bridge across to use an Ancient Shard, and pick up the FB drop too. Continue forward to find yet another flamethrower enemy behind a shield, on the right side of the open yard. Continue past him, hugging the right wall, to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component. Turn around to find a cave with a ceiling dripping of glowing slime. Now it's important to note that entering it will result in an ambush; proceed deep enough and you will be attacked by two rupturing enemies, and another two dual glaive-wielding enemies. Once they've been dealt with, pick up the FB drop at the end of the cave and proceed out.

Here you'll see another shield, behind it, another sniper. There will also be a dual glaive-wielding enemy, and a basic enemy, as well. Right behind the shield, there will be a Forbidden Idol, and just ahead of it will be another FB drop. Continue on until you arrive at a more narrow path with a shield in the middle. You will be attacked by another two dual glaive-wielding enemies, and a basic one. Past them, you'll find another two shields, and a rupturing enemy. If you head left from the last shield, you'll find a door that is currently locked. So head forward instead, dropping onto the lower platform on the right, and using the Memorial there. Head forward until you reach an FB drop next to a ladder. Pick it up and head up to find a Large Strongbox, that requires 3 Cerium Decree to access, that contains the following:

Drop back down the ladder, and head right. If you continue until you reach the wall, you should find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Awareness Boost, and two rupturing enemies. Continue hugging the right wall until you see another rupturing enemy spawn, at this point a bunch of them will spawn and launch themselves at you. Try to stay away from the structures to avoid getting trapped. Continue on and you'll find a couple of FB drops, and more rupturing enemies. You'll also run into a dual glaive-wielding enemy.

Continue forward and you'll find three basic enemies with guns. Past them there you'll enter a spacier area, with a ramp directly on the left, and a rupturing enemy next to it. Take the ramp up and head forward to reach a Memorial. Head back down the ramp, to find a Small Strongbox containing a Machete on the left, and encounter two more rupturing enemies. Next to the box, you'll find a Point of Interest.

Obelisk Shortcut

Continue onwards to find an FB drop next to a rock, then head into the passage in between the big rocks to pick up the Forlorn Idol. Keep heading on until you find a ramp on the right, just before entering the open space. Up here you'll find a Strongbox containing 2x Basic Component, and a ladder next to it. Ignore the ladder for now and continue to the small bridge on the left of the ladder, under more of that fluorescent goo dripping down. You'll find a platform on the right of this bridge holding a Strongbox. Drop down and claim its contents which include 1x Small Energy Potion, and 1x Bit Capsule, Small. Dropping back down to the floor here will bring you back to the ramp you initially climbed, to reach the ladder you have just ignored. Climb it, to reach another ladder. This ladder brings you up to a platform where you will interact with yet another ladder, this time kicking it down to reveal a shortcut from here to the last Obelisk.

Building Bridges to the Boss

Once you've used the bonfire, make your way back to the aforementioned ramp, and continue into the open area, hugging the right wall. You'll arrive at another, smaller ramp. This will bring you up to a platform holding two rupturing enemies, and a gunned enemy on the platform next to it.  It also holds a Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree and 1x Small Energy Potion. Continue forward to descend back to ground level, and just before you continue right, head a bit to the left, at the bottom of the ramp you just descended for a Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Ammo Pack. Now proceed past the FB drop, to arrive at another open area. Follow this path and you will reach a Sniper enemy, and two rupturing ones. Once they've been dealt with continue past them, and across the bridge. Here you'll encounter another two dual glaive enemies, and a Sniper behind a shield. 

Once they've been dealt with, head into the broken wall on the right to find a Large Strongbox that requires 13 Cerium Decree to open. Head out, and left to arrive at a split. The right bridge leads to a structure that can also be accessed immediately if you head left, so that's where you're headed, although you will have to fight a dual glaive-wielding enemy once you take the left. After defeating the enemy, head across the bridge here to encounter another of the same enemy. You'll arrive at the structure you would have arrived at taking the other bridge, and will find a Memorial. Head into the structure and out to another bridge leading to a platform holding a Strongbox, containing 1x Combined Patch, and 1x Small Ammo Pack

Head back, and to the structure then to the path you initially diverted from to cross the bridge. Once you cross the bridge, you can continue straight past the pots, to arrive at a ladder. Take the ladder down to find yourself on a platform above the area boss. Don't head down the ladder here, instead, run over the thin walkway and continue until you reach the next Obelisk. Here you should be able to kick a ladder down to an earlier section of the map. 

Now that all that is settled, head back and down to face the boss of the area. 

Boss Fight: Amber Monarch

Fall of the Monarch

Post-battle, a short cutscene will spawn a Large Strongbox containing the following:

After you've plundered, turn around and head straight. Once past the short ladder, hug the right rock wall until you see a little alcove holding a Small Strongbox containing a  Militia Scattergun. Once you loot it, three rupturing enemies will attack you from behind. From the box, head right, hugging the wall once again until you come across another Small Strongbox containing 1x Heat Patch, and you will also be attacked by another rupturing enemy. Head back out and stick to the right, if you see an FB drop, you're going the right way.

Enter the Forest

Continue forward and you'll be attacked by three more rupturing enemies. Past them, you'll re-emerge back out to the open and near the ladders. Climb up the ladder that lead down to the boss initially, and up the subsequent ladder (the one that gave you access to this boss area). You'll be back at the path, just beyond the structure that could be accessed by the bridges.

Continue down the only path you haven't been, which is up the slope. Continue through the gap in the rocks on the right, and re-enter the open. On the left by the first big rock, you'll find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component. On the right, by the wall, you'll find a second Small Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Small. Before proceeding, take notice of the small rock in the middle of the open path ahead; getting too close will spawn a larger enemy equipped with a shield and a bonesaw-esque weapon, and several rupturing enemies. Continue forward to arrive at the Forbidden Forest.


Ashborne Caverns Video

Ashborne Caverns Map

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Trivia & Notes:

Weapons from this area differ depending on your starting class.
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