Aspects in Immortal Unchained provide the player with passive enhancements that do things like increase Pistol damage, increase Reload Bonus, or decreases fall damage. Players begin the game with the Aspect of their chosen Discipline, but then can select a 2nd one at level 20 and another at level 50. Aspects can be decoded from Ciphers for a small Bit cost.



Name Effect Cypher Decoded from Location
Aquila I Increases damage at long range. Offense Cypher (Marksman starting aspect)  
Marksman I Increases damage with sniper rifles. Offense Cypher I  
Felis Decreases fall damage. Defensive Cypher I  
Fortitude Increases max health. Defense Cypher  (Mercenary starting aspect)  
Lynx Increases dodge speed. Defense Cypher  
Raider (Aspect) Increases damage with submachine guns. Offense Cypher  
Incubus Recovers health with every kill. Support Cypher (Wanderer starting aspect)  
Predator Restocks ammunition on kill. Support Cypher  
Mercenary (Aspect) Increases damage dealth with shotguns. Offense Cypher  
Adept Increases special weapon scaling. Offense Cypher  
Final Stand Grants damage reduction when severly injured. Defense Cypher  
Soldier Increases normal weapon scaling. Offense Cypher  
Dragoon Increases damage with pistols. Offense Cypher  
Grit Gain stability and damage reduction while using a Syringe. Defense Cypher  
Commando Increases damage with assault rifles. Offense Cypher  
Husk Reduces acid damage and duration of corrotion. Defense Cypher  
Zeal Restores energy with every kill. Support Cypher  
Polar Reduces frost damage and debuffs. Defense Cypher  
Dexterity Increases reload speed. Support Cypher  
Dying Greed Increases Bit gain, but Bits are not recoverable after death. Support Cypher  
Vandal (Aspect) Increases damage with launcher. Offense Cypher  
Immaterial Increases dodge skill and allows rolling through enemies. Defense Cypher  
Furor Increases melee damage. Offense Cypher  
Still Increases lock-on range. Support Cypher  
Stimulus Increases stamina regeneration. Defense Cypher  
Bravery Increases stability damage. Offense Cypher  
Focus Grants energy. Support Cypher  
Support Keep some of your Bits when dying. Support Cypher  
Lupus Increases damage at close range. Offense Cypher  
Elusive Increases movement speed and damage taken. Support Cypher  
Final Frenzy Increases damage while severly injured. Defense Cypher  
Trygon Increases damage at medium range. Offense Cypher  
Deflection Grants damage reduction. Defense Cypher  
Steady Reduces recoil. Support Cypher  
Spirit Increases stamina. Defense Cypher  
Arcing Grants energy damage reduction. Defense Cypher  
Keen Reduces movement penalty while aiming. Support Cypher  
Ursine Gain the ability to charge enemies with increased sprint speed and damage. Offense Cypher  
Corax Increases item drop chance. Support Cypher  


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    • Anonymous

      13 Sep 2018 10:07  

      Predator Aspect (Restocks ammunition on kill) breaks the game in a bad way. Got my Grenade Launcher and Sniper Rifle leveled up so they are able to kill most enemies with just one hit. For Predator Aspect that means I got infinite ammo. Beforehand, I had to "waste" several Shotgun shells or Assault Rifle bullets to deal with quick enemies and save up Grenade Launcher ammo. Right now, I just clean up Veridian World shooting every single enemy with my Grenade Launcher, no need to ever fall back on Shotgun, Assault Rifle or Pistols. As ammunition Management is a great Game Mechanic in Immortal Unchained, Predator Aspect ruins my Gaming Experience. I wish Toadman Interactive would remove that Aspect with the next Patch.

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