Attachments in Immortal Unchained are associated with certain Weapons and enhance the stat of said weapon. Weapons in the Alpha come with Attachments already on them, but one can assume that you will be able to craft and/or find them and affix them to your Weapons. Below is a list of known Attachments with their effects.


Name Bonus Specifics Weapons With This Attachment
Tesla Sight Improves Power Attack.   Jaded Carbine,
Flash Freeze Sprays targets with freezing agent. Grants Flash Freeze Power Attack. Wanderer's Rifle, Prison Guard Pistol,
Grenade Launcher Fires explosive grenades. Grants Grenade Launcher Power Attack. Vandal's Defender, Legion Longgun
Silencer Reduces noise.   Veridian Defender,
Bayonet Increases damage of initial melee attack.   Veridian Defender,
Holographic Sight Improves weapon stability.   Legion Support Carbine,
Acid Spray Sprays target with acid. Grants Acid Spray Power Attack. Legion Support Carbine,
RAID Sight Killing enemies resets recoil.   Legion Manhunter, Berserker's Glaives,
Tactical Scope Slightly increases lock-on range.   Long Rifle, Legion Longgun
Sound Focus Constrains noise to frontal cone.   Long Rifle,
Sniper Scope Greatly increases lock-on range.   Imperial Executor,
Red Dot Sight Improves range and critical damage.   Ranger's Pistol
Bio-Link Killing enemies restores health.   Ranger's Lancer
Supply Link Replenishes ammunition over time.   Artificer Defender
Muzzle Breaker Reduces recoil and stamina consumption.   Ranger's Pistol
GHOST Drive Enables the use of Ghost rounds.  Grants Ghost Shot Power Attack. Orin's Crusher,
Storm Shield Reduces incoming damage while aiming.   Holmeguard Ballistas
Flashlight Lights up the darkness.   Pilgrim's Enforcer
Targeting Device Improves aiming.   Commander's Subguns
Flame Thrower Sprays targets with fire. Grants Flame Thrower Power Attack. Volcanic Raider Shivs
Mortal Link Injury increases damage.   Thunderguard Shotgun
Vertical Grip Reduces recoil.   Imperial Cleaver
Bladed Grip Increases damage of initial melee attack.   Thunderguard Destroyer
Projectile Accelerator Enhances shots to pierce armor.   War Council Foehammer

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