Attributes in Immortal Unchained are covered on this page. The game features 8 total Attributes and they are listed below, along with their effects.



Melee Weapon Scaling - Increases damage dealt with melee attacks.


Reload Speed - Increases ranged weapon reload speed.


Critical Damage Bonus - Increases bonus damage dealt when inflicting critical hits on enemies.


Dodge Speed - Increases the speed of your dodge rolls, making it easier to avoid attacks.

Medpack Speed - Decreases the time it takes to use a Medpack.



Health - Increases your health pool, making you able to withstand more damage before dying.

Flinching Reduction - Reduces accuracy penalties when damaged.


Stamina - Increases your Stamina pool, allowing you to run dodge and run more before being exhausted.

Stamina Recovery - Increases how fast your Stamina is restored while recovering.


Normal Weapon Scaling - Increases damage dealt with standard weaponry.

Healing Bonus - Increases Medpack efficiency.


Special Weapon Scaling - Increases damage dealt with advanced weaponry.

Energy - Increases your Energy pool, allowing additional Power Attacks.

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