Health ??
Bits 1,000
Drops ??

Awakener is one of the Enemies in Immortal unchained. These hostile creatures have varying strengths and resistances, drop Bits when defeated, and sometimes other Equipment.

 Awakeners have the ability to revive any enemies kill neared them. Revived enemies will emerge from the ground at the location they were killed.


Awakener Location


Awakener Notes & Tips

  • Closest Obelisk: Magma Lake Obelisk in the Fiery Depths.
  • Awakeners are able to revive any enemies you have killed near them. Eliminating Awakeners should be your top priority when engaging enemies.
  • If an enemy revives after you kill it there is likely an Awakener nearby. Avoid the enemy until you have eliminated the Awakener.
  • Eliminating Awakeners from a distance with a Sniper Rifle allows you to kill them without having to avoid attacks from the enemies surrounding them.
  • There seems to be a set distance around the Awakener in which enemies will revive. Enemies outside of this area will not be revived. If you are having trouble getting to an Awakener you can aggro an enemy and then kill them once they have gotten far away from the Awakener
    • TEST: Killing an enemy away from an Awakener then lead Awakener over to area. Was killed enemy revived? If yes, then the Awakener can revive any enemies killed within its current proximity even if they were outside of it at the time they were killed. If no, then the Awakener's ability only applies to enemies killed in the presence of an Awakener.
    • TEST: Kill an enemy and then quickly kill the Awakener. Was killed enemy revived? If yes, then Awakeners ability automatically applies to enemies killed nearby. If no, then the Awakener must perform a certain action to revive killed enemies.



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