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General Information

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  • Recommended Levels: Any
  • Bosses:  ??


Video Walkthrough

Cinderwoods Map

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NPCs in the area

  • none


  • ??




Weapons, Spells & Armor

Keys & Other



  • Basic Melee Enemies
  • Mini Gun Enemies
  • Flamethrower Enemies
  • Giant Crimson Enemies
  • Rifle Enemies
  • Rupturing Enemies


Full Cinderwoods Walkthrough

Forest Fire

Heading through the arches, you'll immediately understand the reason for the name of the area. Two Rifle Enemies will engage you from the right. Continue forward and you'll find two ruined walls, within them are a couple Rifle Enemies, a Giant Red Rifle Enemy, and a Giant Red Mini Gun Enemy. Continue into the walls to find a Strongbox containing the Crusader Sword, 1x Acid Patch, and 1x Updated Microprocessor; this spawns a bunch of Red Rupturing Enemies. Next to it, you'll find an FB drop and a Large Strongbox (1 Promethium Edict required) containing Imperial Balistas, 1x Bit Cistern, Large, 1x Large Energy Potion, and 1x TRM Syringe

Around the big tree from the Large Strongbox, there will be three Rifle Enemies. After dealing with them, check right of the tree to take care of a Giant Red Mini Gun Enemy, a Giant Red Rifle Enemy, and a Giant Halberd & Shield Enemy. Once they've all been dealt with, head left from the boxes and hug the wall going forward. This will bring you to a small dead-end path that holds a Small Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree, 1x Automated Stability Controller, and 1x Advanced Component. Turn around and continue in the same direction. 

You will see a temple-looking building ahead, with an FB Drop and a Large Strongbox (6 Cerium Decree required) containing the Thunderguard Longgun, 1x Advanced Scavenger Kit, and 1x Large Ammo Pack, just to the right of the entrance. Don't head into the building just yet, instead head around the far right side, into the woods. On this side, you will face two Rifle Enemies, and two Giant Red Rifle Enemies. After defeating them, continue forward to find an Armor Shrine, however be aware that the path between yourself and the shrine is riddled with Red Rupturing Enemies. The shrine grants you Medical Attachment 3

Obelisk in the Ruins

Head left from the shrine and you'll find yourself in ruins. By the wall with the thick metal wires, you'll notice a Small Strongbox containing Ravagor Carbine. From this box, head right and make a U-Turn up the stairs. This will bring you to an Obelisk, and two Small Strongboxes containing a total of 1x Bit Canister, Tiny, and a Charred Locket.

Head back down the stairs, and back into the ruins to the left. There will be a Large Strongbox (1 Aria Protocol required) there, and a Small Strongbox next to a pillar on the right, containing 3x Advanced Component. Facing the Obelisk, to proceed, head right and continue straight down a long path.

Eventually, you'll come across a couple of Flamethrower Enemies and a Crimson Rifle Enemy. Defeat them and continue forward to encounter several Melee Enemies and a Giant Crimson Rifle Enemy, shortly. After defeating those, continue onwards to find a massive rock that splits the path. Proceed either way as they meet back around rock. Ahead you'll find a few Rupturing Enemies and a Crimson Rifle Enemy. Past them you'll come across a tree and more enemies: a Melee Enemy, a Giant Crimson Rifle Enemy, and a Flamethrower Enemy. Continue forward to arrive at an open area where you will find two trees in the middle. 

The Two Trees

From the two trees, there is a rocky path on the left, and a path on the right; continue right. Through here you will encounter a Basic Enemy, two Rupturing Enemies, and two Rifle Enemies. Just behind the second rifleman, there will be another one and a Giant Crimson Rifle Enemy. Hug the right side of the path and you will enter a small opening with a Strongbox on the right, containing a Cerium Decree, 1x Armor Dye: Reddish, and 1x Basic Component. Exit the opening and continue in the right direction. 

Shortly, you'll find a door that requires a Hailstorm Protocol to unlock -which we haven't acquired yet- so head onwards. In this upcoming section you'll find an FB drop and a Small Strongbox containing 1x Medium Energy Potion on the left, a Rifle Enemy and a Rupturing Enemy, and a Small Strongbox containing 1x Advanced Component on the right. There will also be a Giant Crimson Rifle Enemy here. Ahead there will be a twisted tree, with an Ancient Shard at its base, that splits the path into two. Head up the ramp on the right to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, and 1x Advanced Component. Head back down and continue on the other side of the tree, where you will find an FB drop on the right side and a door at the end. Opening the door unlocks a shortcut to the Forbidden Forest in Veridian.


Cinderwoods Video

Cinderwoods Map

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