Consumables in Immortal Unchained can be used by the player at any time to infer some form of benefit. Whether it's more ammo, a temporary stat boost or Health, these help to supplement the player during his/her journey through the game.


Name Description Effect Location

Acid Patch
Using nanobot technology this patch hardens the skin and reduces the effect of any acid or toxin for a time.    

Awareness Boost
Adrenaline injections has proved a reliable way to heighten senses for a short period, increasing proficiency in basic weaponry.    

Cold Patch
Originally used by Degonite hunters these patches were designed to protect against the icy winds of the tundra for a period.    

Combined Patch
The Azurians devised a technique to combine the effects of different patches, creating an effective way to reduce all incoming damage for a time.    

Cyanide Pill
Death may not be permanent, but it can get you out of sticky situations.    

Heat Patch
First designed to withstand the fiery heat of Beagor, these patches increases heat resistance for a while.    

Small Ammo Pack

Small Bit Capsule
Bit containers are used across the Cosmos to store collected Bits. Grants a small amount of Bits. +500 Bits  

Small Energy Potion
?? +25 Energy   

Simple Scavenger Kit
Scavenging the dead is a good way to gather ammunition, staying effective in the field for longer. These kits are designed to detect loose ammunition for a limited time.    

Technical Aptitude Boost
Stimulating the logic centers of the brain can increase a person's understanding of advanced weaponry for a short time.    

Tiny Bit Capsule
Bit containers are used across the Cosmos to store collected Bits. Grants a miniscule amount of Bits. +400 Bits  
TRM Syringe
The TRM syringe is standard issue in first aid kits across the Cosmos, designed to induce accelerated healing in patients.    
Portable Relay
The Prime have developed a technology that allows the user to anchor their signal to an Obelisk and return through the Stream, without a portal.    

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