Frostwyrm Fang


With not much known of the wyrms, many were astonished when Isormen was selected as Guardian of the Nexus of Records. Although, it was speculated that she had devoured the actual Guardian and simply taken its role. With her sudden demise, no other has been chosen to take her place.

Frostwyrm Fang is a Cenotaph in Immortal Unchained. Mearstones convey Lore about the game.




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67th Legion Insignia  ♦  Banner of the Abyss  ♦  Bug Bullet  ♦  Dead Larva  ♦  Empty Shard Fragment  ♦  Experimental Armor Core  ♦  King's Lost Scepter  ♦  Lock of Hair  ♦  Melted Armor  ♦  Poison Canister  ♦  Rib Screw  ♦  Rifle Stock  ♦  Spear Necklace  ♦  Squiggly Larva  ♦  Undead Arm


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