Game Progress Route for Immortal Unchained is an overview of game events leading to the final resolution and game clear. Please refer to the Walkthrough for details, or consult individual Locations, Maps and Bosses pages.

This Walkthrough navigates the player through a complete 100% playthrough, expecting all items and quests will be picked up or unlocked as possible.


Immortal Unchained Game Progress Route

Step: 1
Location: Prison, before The Core
Bosses: Housecarl Invader
Description: Linear progression route in the beginning. You can find a shortcut back to the first obelisk, but you will have to fight the boss any way.

Step: 2
Location: The Core
Bosses: None (for now)
Description: From The Core you can access other locations. Fast-Travel will be unlocked later and is unavailable for now.

Step: 3
Location: ??
Bosses: Holmeguard Commander
Description: Boss to unlock the first sphere.

Step: 4
Location: ??
Bosses: Ravager Commander
Description: Boss to unlock the second sphere.

Step: 5
Location: ??
Bosses: Soothsayer Commander
Description: Boss to unlock the third and last sphere.

The three main bosses can be killed in any order. One of them is located on each planet.

Step: 6
Location: ??
Bosses: Malog
Description: First big boss of the main three bosses.

Step: 7
Location: ??
Bosses: Arlen
Description: Second big boss of the main three bosses.

Step: 8
Location: ??
Bosses: Iska
Description: Third big boss of the main three bosses.

Step: 9
Location: ??
Bosses: The guy at The Core
Description: When you have killed all of the three main bosses, the main NPC at The Core wants to fight you.

Step: 10
Location: ??
Bosses: Naylon
Description: Endboss

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    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2018 05:01  

      In the world 2( the forest), at the second obelisk you can jump down( or roll to avoid some damage) to the right from the near brigde, so you can shortcut to a semi-hiden place and unlock the near ladder with no effort. This is a good way toby pass the area wit some suicidal enemys . By doing this you may miss the "Ranger's Lancer" assault rifle on the normal path.

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