Gemini Protocol


Twisted pathways lead through the Stream in unpredictable ways.

There exists a path between the realm of fire and the Prime homeworld.

Gemini Protocol is a Key Item in Immortal Unchained. Gemini Protocol is used to open strongboxes, doors, and portals. This item can be found on Veridian at the end on the Ashborne Caverns in the Amber Monarch boss arena.


Gemini Protocol Location

  • Found in a Large Stronngbox in the Amber Monarch boss arena located in the Ashborne Caverns on Veridian.
    • From the ____ Obelisk, follow the narrow bridge to the first platform in the Amber Monarch arena. Drop down into the arena, the stongbox will be on your left.
    • You DO NOT need to defeat Amber Monarch to receive this item.


Gemini Protocol Information

  • Opens a door on Arden in the The Charnels near the Warehouse Obelisk to access the Soul Furnace. From the Warehouse Obelisk, go through the door and up the stairs. cross the bridge guarded by the Corrupted Berserker. Go straight through the next room where you will encounter a Corrupted Berserker and Grunt; 2 additional Berserkers will spawn as you move through the room. In the following large room where you fight a Molten Knight, the door is located behind the Molten Knight directly across from the entrance
  • Opens a large strongbox on ____ near the ____ Obelisk. From the ___ Obelisk ...
  • Opens a door on ____ in _____ near the ____ Obelisk. From the ____ Obelisk ...
  • Opens a portal on ____ in ____ near the ____ Obelisk to _____ on _____. From the Obelisk ..


Notes and Trivia about Gemini Protocol

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