Holmeguard Commander

Location Tribunal of Souls
Bits Awarded 2,000 (NG)
3,200 (NG+)
? (NG++)
? (NG+++)
? (NG++++)
Armor Armor Goes here
Health Health Goes here
Weakness Back

Holmeguard Commander is a Boss in Immortal Unchained. Holmeguard Commander is the 2nd boss in the game.



Holmeguard Commander Location



Holmeguard Commander Rewards

  • 2,000 Bits (NG), 3,200 Bits (NG+), ? Bits (NG++), ? Bits (NG+++), ? Bits (NG++++)
  • Rewards a Large Strongbox upon defeat:
    • Legion Hellcaster - Uncommon Launcher
    • Separatist's Carbine - Uncommon Assault Rifle
    • 1x Cerium Decree
    • 1x Offense Cyper
    • 1x Basic Component
      • 1x Advanced Component on NG+
    • 1x Bit Capsule, Large



Holmeguard Commander Strategies and Tips

  • Strategies go here
  • In NG+, two (2) Troopers will spawn in on the platform with the Nexus to provide extra damage during the fight
  • Notes and Tips go here



Holmeguard Commander Notes

  • Homeguard Commander is a variant of the Bulwark enemy encountered later in the game.
  • Required for 
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