Location Arden, Archive of the Lost
Bits Awarded 11,000 (NG)
? (NG+)
? (NG++)
? (NG+++)
? (NG++++)

Heart of Grief
Cryo ProtocolSilver Spear
Throne-Watcher Wrathcaster

Health Health Goes here
Weakness Cortex on Chest

Iska is a Boss in Immortal Unchained. Iska is the first of 3 bosses you must defeat into order to collect the 3 hearts to progress the story; the others being Arlen and Malog.



Iska Location


Iska Rewards


Iska Strategies and Tips

  • When her health gets low enough, Iska will regenerate half of her HP back, at this time she has a protective shield which cannot be damaged, also three Phalanx are summoned, this happens twice during the fight and only when her health is low.
  • Unlike most enemies, Iska's cortex is located on her chest.
  • After defeating her, you can take on a tougher version, Echo of Iska.
    • Enter Remnant World - Pale King's Court from the Portal located in the Soul Furnace. Requires 15 Cerium Decree and Cryo Protocol.


Iska Notes

  • Iska will lower herself to the ground, spreading her wings. As she rotates her wings, dodge roll through them or stand next to her to avoid taking any damage. These will also damage her spawned Phalanx.
  • While Iska is in the air, she will attack one of three ways:
    • By swiping one wing across the ground beneath her, she sends out an energy wave along the ground. You can either dodge roll through the wave, move behind any of the cover laid around the edges of the arena, or behind a Phalanx to avoid taking any damage.
    • Pulling one wing back, she will slam it down into the arena like a sword, and can be dodged to the left or right of.
    • Aiming two red lasers (from her eyes?), she will shoot a continuous stream of energy that can be avoided by running toward her.
  • As the Phalanx are killed, they leave ammo drops that refill your weapons when walking over them.





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