Location The Abyss, Archive of the Lost
Bits Awarded Bits go here
Armor Armor Goes here
Health Health Goes here
Weakness Chest

Iska is a Boss in Immortal Unchained. Iska is the ?? boss in the game.



Iska Location

  • The Abyss, Archive of the Lost



Iska Loot

  • Heart of Grief (key item)
  • Silver Spear
  • Throne-Watcher Wrathcaster 
  • Advanced Component
  • Cryo Protocol
  • Bit Canister - Small x2
  • Updated Microprocessor
  • TRM Syringe
  • Combined Patch



Iska Strategies and Tips

  • When her health gets low enough, Iska will regenerate half of her HP back, at this time she has a protective shield which cannot be damaged, also three Phalanx are summoned, this happens twice during the fight and only when her health is low.
  • Unlike most enemies, Iska's weak spot is her chest.
  • After defeating her, you can take on a tougher version, Echo of Iska.



Iska Notes

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