Key Items in Immortal Unchained are used to unlock chests, doors and shortcuts. Once picked up they will always stay in your inventory, and many areas require many of these in order to open. Key Items are listed below.

Key Items

Name Description Usage Locations
Cerium Decree
Cerium Decrees are used as a measure of worth, allowing access to selected areas depending on the gathered amount.

Unlocks large strongboxes, doors, and bridges throughout the world.

30 Cerium Decree open a door in Forbidden Forest leading to Partuition Chamber.

Chests, strongboxes, boss chests
Promethium Edict
Promethium Edicts are unique keys designed by the Prime to safeguard their most valuable possessions.

Unlocks more valuable large strongboxes and doors.

Opens a door in Arden (2x Promethium Edict) leading to Rogue Reprobate in The Thatch.

Opens a door in Molten Crag leading to Rogue Fallacy in Boreal Cache.

Soul Furnace (3x), Rogue Malefactor chest, Rogue Reprobate chest, Departed Agitator chest, among other locations.

Adamant Protocol
In the upper levels of Apex Citadel there is a door that leads to a wholly different place. Opens a door in Legislative Archives leading to Departed Agitator in Widow's Walk. Strongbox, Scar of the Abyss, Arden (On a side path in the water)
Chromatic Protocol
Within the factories of the Abyss lies a pathway to lost piece of history. Opens a door in The Cauldrons leading to Paralytic Judge in Northern Palisades. Echo of Iska chest
Gemini Protocol
Twisted pathways lead through the Stream in unpredictable ways. There exists a path between the realm of fire and the Prime homeworld.

Opens a door in Fiery Depths leading to Flamebelcher Hierophant in The Corral.

Opens the door to the first Obelisk in Forbidden Forest.

Chest in Ashborne Caverns (in the Amber Monarch arena)
Scarab Protocol
Hidden in the land of nomad warriors lies the way to forgotten paths. Opens a door on the path between Crimson Arena and Ashborne Caverns leading to Rogue Malefactor in The Hollow. Large Strongbox, Sanctum of Fate, Apexion (Hidden around the stairs coming down)
Precept Protocol
Once there was a path leading from the outer echelons of Apex Citadel to Beagor. Opens a door in Outlook Promenade leading to Castellan Peacekeeper in The Observatory. Strongbox, Forbidden Forest, Veridian (Hidden behind bushes on a side path before going down to first boss)
Hailstone Protocol
Hidden in the charred remains of a forest lies a secret door.

Opens a door in Cinderwoods (close to Cinderwoods Gate) leading to The Auditorium.

Opens a door in Legislative Archives leading to The Cauldrons.

Rogue Fallacy chest
Cryo Protocol
Locked away within the Abyss is a remnant of a past long since forgotten.

Opens a door in Soul Furnace leading to Echo of Iska in Pale King's Court.

Unlocks a large strongbox in Cinderwoods.

Iska chest
Phantom Protocol
Between realities lies a path between Apexion and Beagor.

Opens a door in Bilegrove leading back to the Grand Hall.

Opens a door in Apexion Skypath leading to Echo of Arlen in Nether Crux.

Arlen chest
Skeleton Protocol
Behind locked doors the senate keeps echoes of the past hidden away.

Opens a door in Seat of the Senate (right before Malog) leading to Echo of Malog in The Howl.

Unlocks a large strongbox in Cinderwoods.

Malog chest
Aria Protocol
This mastercrafted key unlocks the most elaborate locks.

Opens a door in The Charnels (right at the beginning) leading to The Antechamber.

Unlocks large strongboxes in Cinderwoods and Fiery Depths.

Strongbox in Partuition Chamber
Beacon Key
A small machine in the shape of a key. The lost hunter claimed it would unlock a path out of the forest. Use at beacon to progress Lost Hunter Found quest. Given by Orin

Cael's Knife

A soul crystal sharpened as a tool for a desperate escape. Cael swore it spoke to him with his father's voice. Give to Bren to progress Lost Memories quest.  In a small strongbox near the Courtyard Obelisk on Arden in the Soul Furnace.
Warden's Pendant
A pendant taken from the neck of the lost Hunter. A beautifully crafted pendant, a reminder of forgotten accomplishments.   Drops from Bren if killed.
Pilgrim's Eye
A crystallized lens.   Drops from Naro if killed.
hunters_keyPilgrim's Key An old key opening a forgotten door deep within a forest.   Pilgrim's Pilgrimage quest completion
Hunter's Key
Key that opens a door within the house of gods.   Lost Hunter Found quest completion
hunters_keyPrison Depths Key The Queen of the Dead keeps some souls for herself, locked away deep within the Abyss   Lost Memories quest completion
Metal Relay
Collected from the Augur Nexus, this relay will allow the Monolith to reestablish its connection with Thrones. Talk to Monolith to progress main story. Sanctum of Fate, Apexion
Overgrown Relay
Collected from the Nexus of Vigil, this relay will allow the Monolith to reestablish its connection with Veridian. Talk to Monolith to progress main story. Crimson Arena, Veridian
Frozen Relay
Collected from the Nexus of Records, this relay will allow the Monolith to reestablish its connection with Arden One. Talk to Monolith to progress main story. Tribunal of Souls, Arden
Heart of Anger
Ripped from the raging beast, the heart still beats with unnatural strength. Give to Aras to progress main story. Defeat Malog
Heart of Grief
The tragic fate of Iska is reflected in her blackened and still heart. Give to Aras to progress main story. Defeat Iska
Heart of Fear
Diminutive and kind, the boy's heart was too good for this world. Give to Aras to progress main story. Defeat Arlen
Monolith Connection
Your imprint has been recorded by the Monolith, enabling reconstruction following lethal injuries.    
Deeper Monolith Connection
The Monolith has imprinted itself and become part of you.    
Data Slate
Self-imposed exile lead Aras to experience reality through the filter of technology.   Drops from Aras.


    • Anonymous

      26 Dec 2018 19:32  

      does anyone know which door prison depth key unlocks im running around in iskas abyss for Ages now without finding anything

      • Anonymous

        22 Sep 2018 10:15  

        The hailstone protocol is in the Boreal Cache remnant world located near the Lava Fields obelisk. That boss chest includes the Seismic Hammer.

        • Anonymous

          14 Sep 2018 18:23  

          Aria protocol is in Veridian, there is a 30 cerium decree locked portal which leads to remnant world on Arden

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