King's Lost Scepter


Naro was one of three brothers chosen to lead the Prime. People praised him for his wisdom and tact. However, the leader's affection and trust for Cathal was a subject of great debate, especially by Naro's eldest son who never accepted the Degonite's place amongst them.

King's Lost Scepter is a Cenotaph in Immortal Unchained. Mearstones convey Lore about the game.




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67th Legion Insignia  ♦  Banner of the Abyss  ♦  Bug Bullet  ♦  Dead Larva  ♦  Empty Shard Fragment  ♦  Experimental Armor Core  ♦  Frostwyrm Fang  ♦  Lock of Hair  ♦  Melted Armor  ♦  Poison Canister  ♦  Rib Screw  ♦  Rifle Stock  ♦  Spear Necklace  ♦  Squiggly Larva  ♦  Undead Arm


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