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Full Legislative Archives Walkthrough

Through the Portal

Upon your arrival from The Cauldrons, you'll find a Large Strongbox (1x Skeleton Protocol required) on your left. Proceed forward into the doorway where you'll find a split -check 'Right' to see the path that goes around the right corner, and check 'Left' to see the path that goes up the stairs on the left


Head up the stairs on the left and continue to the end of this room to find an FB drop, then turn right into the the giant metal pillars. You will find two Grunt, and a Giant Rocket Launcher Enemy behind a shield further back in the room. There are two root-covered walls on each side of the area (4 in total), with the one hiding a Forlorn Idol and another a Small Strongbox containing the Twilight Bladegun. At the end of the room is another set of giant metal pillars with another split behind them. This time, both ways loop around to another doorway that brings you into a similar looking room. 

Across the room is another exit of tall metal pillars that this time, take you down a few sets of stairs. At the bottom, the path continues out left, but you want to take the door on the right first. This will bring you to a room with just a portal that brings you to an Obelisk.

From Obelisk I to II

Continue left of the Obelisk to exit out into a platform that has a set of stairs down on the left, and a set going upwards on the right. First head right to find an Armor Shrine that will grant you Carrying Capacity 3. Continue to the end here to find a Small Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree and 1x Basic Component. Turn back and instead of going down the stairs, cross the bridge on the right, and you will see a giant Orb spawn a Drone Lord. Two Grunts, and a Corrupted Berserker will also join in. Once they have been defeated, head left on this platform and continue on the path to find a Large Strongbox (13 Cerium Decree required) containing:

At this box, there will also be a thin bridge, cross over and open the Small Strongbox to find a Cerium Decree, and 2x Basic Component, next to an FB drop. On the left will be a set of stairs and a Rifle Enemy, which upon approaching spawns two Deviants. Continue forward, up the stairs, and you'll encounter another Drone Lord, and a Grunt. Keep going in the same direction until you reach three pods and two Grunts. Head across the thin bridge here to loot a Large Strongbox (1 Adamant Protocol) containing:

Next to it will be another locked portal that requires 1 Promethium Edict and 1 Chromatic Protocol to unlock, that brings you to _____.

Head back across the bridge but this time go left and you will arrive at another thin bridge. Across it, you'll see a set of stairs heading down onto a platform inhabited by a couple of Rifle Enemies and Two Corrupted Berserkers. Continue onto that platform and take the next set of stairs down too. BE CAREFUL of the platform ahead, as there are pressure plates lined up across the floor that release fire on the floor when stepped on. You can avoid them by luring the Grunt out of the first pod then back out and kill him from a distance, then hug the pods as you walk across this platform. Once you're once the other side, you can take the next stairs down to an FB drop.

From the drop, turn around and head down the stairs, but not so fast! There are more booby-trapped pressure plates through the thin opening ahead, and to make matters more difficult, there are two Rifle Enemies on the other side and two Deviants that spawn on your side. Be sure to deal with them before using the same strategy as earlier, hugging the walls on the sides to avoid setting off the trap.

This will bring you down to a couple of pods, and a Small Strongbox containing 2x Advanced Component. Breaking the iridescent pod directly next to the box will trigger the spawning of two Deviants, and picking up the loot will open the regular pods, releasing one Corrupted Berserker. Head across the thin bridge in front of the pods, and kick the ladder on the right down to reach another Obelisk.

A Tale of Many Bridges

Head back up the ladder and to the right of the bridge you just crossed, to reach some stairs heading down. Two Deviants will spawn once you reach the bottom, and once again, look out for the fire plates ahead. There will also be a Corrupted Berserker in the middle of the platform ahead. At the end, you'll find a bridge on the left and a Large Strongbox (6 Cerium Decree required), AND ANOTHER FIRE TRAP PLATE. The box contains:

Head across bridge to pick up the FB drop, then make your way down the stairs on the left where a Corrupted Berserker will be waiting halfway down the steps. Upon reaching the bottom you will be attacked by enemies from the stairs on the right, including one Corrupted Berserker and a Drone Lord. Proceed down the stairs and the pods on this floor will open and release three Rocket Launcher Enemies, and three Grunts. Once they've been dealt with, proceed through the door ahead and pick up the FB drop in the next platform, then head right. 

This will bring you down some steps and towards a Corrupted Berserker, and two Deviants. Behind him, a Rocket Launcher Enemy will appear followed by a Corrupted Berserker. Continue forward to find another thin bridge on the left but before crossing over, go to the end of the platform you're currently on to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Medium Energy Potion, and a pod that releases another Corrupted Berserker


turn right to find a Strongbox containing 1x Combined Patch and around the corner you'll find three Grunts and a Rocket Launcher Enemy. Defeat them and continue on the same path. You'll eventually arrive at a set of doors that opens itself as you approach. This brings you into a room filled with roots. Walk forward and you will see a few metal pillars on the right that you can walk in between to find an FB drop. From the FB drop, you'll be able to see the first Obelisk of the area. 

Facing the Obelisk, if you head left of it, the room will start shaking and rumbling. There is also a Small Strongbox on the left containing 1x Large Energy Potion, and a Large Strongbox (26x Cerium Decree required) on the right. Come back out of the room and proceed to the end of the hallway to reach a doorway with two Grunts, and a Frost Knight. Defeat them then continue to the end of the next corridor, picking up a 1x Bit Canister, Small from a Small Strongbox on the left along the way.

Continue onwards then down the stairs to reach a large thin door that opens when you approach it. Right behind it is another Frost Knight, two Grunts, and a Shade. This brings you out to a room with a dead tree in the middle of a massive gap. Continue forward and pick up the FB drop, and when you reach the stairs take them down until you're forced to cross a platform to reach the final set of stairs. 

When you reach the bottom, two Shades will spawn and engage you, as well as the Rifle Enemy and a couple of Grunts. On the left side of the room, you'll find a Small Strongbox containing the Gatekeeper Stingers, and 1x Advanced Component. From this box, hug the left wall and continue until you find a doorway that leads down some stairs to a fight against a Grunt, a Rifle Enemy, and a Frost Knight, in a thin hallway. Once you've defeated them, pick up the FB drop and loot the Strongbox containing 2x Advanced Component. Continue down the hallway and you'll find a doorway on your left just before some stairs -take it. 

Saving Private Naro

Follow the path here all the way down to a room where a Frost Knight will try engage you from a platform that you cannot reach due it being broken. There's a structure in the middle you can take cover behind that also holds a Large Strongbox (1x Precept Protocol required) that contains:

On the left of this same platform are another set of stairs that can be descended. At the bottom, go right and hug the wall until you go through some vines and find a Strongbox containing the following:

From the chest, head forward around the right again until you find an Ancient Shard. From the shard you should be able to see an FB drop, and from the drop, there should be an Armor Shrine on the right that grants you Armor Plating 5. Continue to the stairs to encounter a Frost Knight behind a shield. Once defeated, follow the path into a space with a doorway on the left and a Frost Knight straight ahead. Quickly go into the doorway to collect a Forlorn Idol and FB, then return to fight the big guy. One he's been defeated, check left to find a tied-up Naro (NPC). Speak to him to free him and for a bit of lore.

New Portal

Turn around and this time, head through the broken ledge that leads to the other side. Once across, turn left into a familiar-looking room, and head straight across the diamond-shaped stairs. This will lead you to a room with a long set of stairs heading up into a room with a split, and a trapped square platform right in front of the debris you see upon exiting the doors. Turn left to head down another long set of stairs to enter a room with three shields and a Frost Knight standing behind one of them. There will also be two Grunts here. Behind the first shield will also be a Small Strongbox containing 1x Heat Patch

At the back of the room, you'll find a door that can only be unlocked with 10x Cerium Decree and 1x Adamant Protocol, both of which you should have by this point, and opens a portal to the Widow's Walk. Before proceeding, on the right of the portal is a Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree and 2x Advanced Component.

Skypath to Apexion

You can also head left of the portal to find stairs leading down to a Small Strongbox containing 1x Energy Patch. Down here will also be a couple of Shades and a Grunt. There will also be an FB drop across the room that is very easy to notice from the stairs you've descended. Make your way to it and rim around the right of the structure, and you'll see a glowing bookcase. To the right of it, is a Large Strongbox (14x  Cerium Decree required) that contains an Emerald Monitor-Gun, 1x Large Ammo Pack, 1x Large Energy Potion, and 1x Bit Cistern, Small. To the left of it is a Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree, 1x Advanced Scavenger Kit, and 1x Advanced Component

Return to the structure where you picked up the FB drop and head left this time. This will brings you through a vine-y corridor to another FB drop. Continue in the same direction until you reach an Ancient Shard and another FB drop, then head right to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Advanced Component. Continue up the same way to a pair of massive doors that lead back to Skypath in Apexion, to a Memorial and an Obelisk.

Continuing Across the Bridges (Left)

Across the bridge, you'll reach four pods and a Grunt will pop out of one of them. You can also retrieve an Ancient Shard here, on the edge. Turn around and continue in the opposite direction, down the stairs, and eventually you'll come across a Small Strongbox containing 1x Technical Aptitude Boost, on the right of a pod. You'll also notice the bridge here but before crossing it, make sure you identify the familiar booby-trapped pressure plate at the base of the bridge, and rim around it. 

Across this bridge you'll notice the pods lined up open, releasing a total of four Grunts and a Castigator. One more Grunt will also join from behind. Continue on towards the right of the bridge, and you will come across another set of pods lined up in a similar fashion to just before, a bridge with a pressure plate on the base of it on the right, and a Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Huge, and 2x Basic Component, at the end. As soon as you claim the loot in the box, the pods will open to release one Corrupted Berserker, and two Rifle Enemies. 

Carefully head across the bridge and turn left, up a small set of steps, you'll find a Rifle Enemy. Continue up the next set of stairs on the left, and loot the Strongbox at the top of the stairs on the left for Escort Subguns, 1x Bit Capsule, Huge, 1x Basic Component. Turn around and continue in this direction to find a Large Strongbox (22 Cerium Decree required) on the right, before the stairs ahead, containing:

On the stairs ahead, you'll find a Grunt. Defeat him and continue to come across a trifurcation. On the left, is a door that brings yo back to the Scar of the Abyss. Up ahead is a dead end, and down the stairs on the right is a Drone Lord and a Grunt. Head down the stairs on the left, ignoring the thin bridge just for now, and find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, and 1x Advanced Component. Shortly ahead is a dead end holding an FB drop and a Large Strongbox (1 Promethium Edict) containing:

Head back up the stairs and across the bridge you previously ignored, to arrive at a platform with a iridescent pod on the right holding a Forlorn Idol, and a Strongbox containing an Offense Cypher, Armor Pattern: Skull, and 1x Portable Relay.

Once you've collected that, head back down the long and thin bridge, and up the next set of stairs. Turn left and take the stairs down at the end as well, where you will have to fight a Grunt. Continue in the right direction and two more Rifle Enemies will emerge. Take the first stairs on the right, down to an area full of pods. Here you will be attacked by various enemies, including Grunts, Corrupted Berserkers, Deviants, and more as you go along. 

Check the right side for a Memorial, then check the left side and walk around the pods, until you reach an FB drop. Several pods will release enemies, so be ready. Head back and down the stairs where you will find an FB drop in the middle of a circular platform. Walk around the path until you come to a long bridge. Once you reach halfway across, a bunch of Grunts will rise from below the bridge. A Molten Knight will appear at the end of the bridge, guarding a set of giant doors. 

Behind these doors, you arrive at the Archive of the Lost.

Legislative Archives Video

Legislative Archives Map

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