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General Information

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  • Recommended Levels: Any
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Video Walkthrough


Molten Crag Map

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NPCs in the area

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Weapons, Spells & Armor

Keys & Other


  • Giant Halberd & Shield Enemy
  • Rocket Launcher Enemy
  • Rifle Enemy
  • Basic Enemy

Full Molten Crag Walkthrough


As the "Molten Crag" title prompts, you'll pass a small mechanism and be attacked straight away by a Rifle Enemy. Continue past him into the area ahead, and you'll notice two Giant Halberd and Shield Enemies, and a Red Rocket Launcher Enemy. There's a Large Strongbox by the machine in the middle, that can only be opened after having acquired 16 Cerium Decree. From this big area, you can either head left, or right. 


Heading left from this area will bring you to return to Veridian, via Cinderwoods.


Head right, and you'll pass through a small cave passage to emerge at an open area, with multiple enemies. Immediately, you'll notice a Red Launcher Enemy on the higher platform on the right, and the Giant Halberd & Shield Enemy and Rifle Enemy, on the left. Once they've been dealt with, there's a Large Strongbox (11 Cerium Decree required) that contains a Defense Cypher, 1x Heat Patch, 1x Bit Canister, Huge, and 1x Large Ammo Pack. On the right of this box, there are some rocks and a Small Strongbox hidden behind them containing a Defense Cypher. Behind it, you'll notice a bridge that allows you to cross over lava, to a Memorial and the first Obelisk of the area.

Cross back over the bridge, and head right. Follow the lava until you see an FB drop on a thin walkway. Go to retrieve it, then turn around and head back across the thin walkway, turn right. In this small space, you'll find an Ancient Shard and a Small Strongbox containing a Legion Shadow Carbine, and 3x Advanced Component. Head back out of this little area and continue right. You'll encounter three Basic Enemies, and a Giant Halberd & Shield Enemy. There will also be two Launcher Enemies on the rock above. Try to pick off the enemies below, one at a time, before reaching aggro distance of the Launcher Enemies. Once dealt with, head left under the rock the Launchers were shooting you from, to loot a Small Strongbox containing 1x Automated Stability Controller. There's also a Large Strongbox (1 Phantom Protocol required) here.

Route to the Depths

Continue up the slope, and turn left to proceed past where the Launchers were. Right before the path turns up again, there should be a Small Strongbox containing 1x Automated Stability Controller, and 2x Advanced Component. Continue up and you'll have to face a couple Basic Enemies, a Launcher Enemy, and another Giant Halberd & Shield Enemy. Continue on this path and you will soon cross a stone bridge. If you head left across the bridge, you'll arrive at a dead end, only holding a Small Strongbox containing the Katana, 2x Advanced Component. Head out of this dead end, and continue in the other direction. 

You'll find four enemies shortly, in the form of a Basic, a Rifle, a Launcher, and a Giant Halberd & Shield. Continue past them to find an FB drop by a ladder, and a cave entrance. Head down the ladder to acquire an Ancient Shard, then proceed through the cave. You'll reach another bridge that passes over lava. Crossing it brings you to the Fiery Depths


Molten Crag Video

Molten Crag Map

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Trivia & Notes:

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