Naro is an NPCs in Immortal Unchained. NPCs are characters that provide information, items and quests to the player in the game.



Information about Naro

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Location of Naro

  • He is first found sitting on a bench on Apexion.
  • Once the hunt for hearts begins, he will still be on Apexion, inside the Citadel.  He will ask for help in the first library room you encounter.  Quickly head up the stairs and take the first door on the right, be cautious of the enemies, there are only two, but can kill Naro and end his side quest. Once he is rescued, he appears on a balcony as you progress. 
  • In the Seat of the Senate, if you break any chains for the Boy, Naro will be found dead at the throne room. Else he will appear at the throne room. After talking with him after the boss, he will join the rest at the Grand Hall.




  • Gives the Pilgrims Key for sidequest
  • Drops Pilgrims Eye on Death



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