Humanoid Form (NPC)


Prime Form (Boss)


 Location The StreamTenth Realm
Bits 35,000 (NG)
56,000 (NG+)
? (NG++)
? (NG+++)
? (NG++++)
Drops True Form Armor Set
Weakness Energy

Naylon is an NPC and final Boss in Immortal Unchained. Naylon is first heard talking to the player upon entering the Tenth Realm. Naylon is located at the end of the Tenth Realm where you can interact with him in his human form where he will monologue before ascending into his Prime form for the final battle.

After defeating Naylon, the player will unlock the "And The Gears Keep Turning" Achievement/Trophy.

After defeating Naylon, the player is given the option to enter New Game+. If the player declines (Continues in their current world), the player can enter NG+ at any time by interacting with the Monolith in the Grand Hall and selecting the START NEW GAME+ option.


Information about Naylon

  • Naylon is a humanoid NPC that is slightly taller than the player. His skin is a dark-metallic tone with yellow lines all over his body, similar to the wiring on a circuit board, that pulse yellow periodically. 
  • Upon speaking with Naylon, he reveals that he believes Aras' plan to use the Prisoner to fulfill the prophecy was "impressive, but futile."
  • Naylon's goal is to fulfill the prophecy by creating Paradise, a new world in his image.
  • Naylon invites the player to "witness the creation of the new world" as he ascends into a Prime.
  • Naylon's Prime form is a tall robot with a 4-pointed-star shaped metal armor surrounding its white core with 2 long, segmented legs and 4 long, segmented arms. His armor and limbs emit a neon-red glow. A large ring-shaped object floats behind him and pulses with yellow energy lines periodically.
  • Upon defeating Naylon in his Prime form, he will fall to his knees and transform back into his humanoid form. A cutscene plays where the The Lost Prisoner explains to Naylon that everything has gone as the Prisoner planned.


Location of Naylon


Naylon Attacks

  • Energy Bolts: Naylon will shoot a large number of energy projectiles at the player from one or more of his mechanical arms. The energy projectiles will track towards the player in a spiral pattern.
  • Energy Nova: Naylon will lean forward, cross his arms across his core, gather energy, and then emit an nova from his body dealing massive damage to the immediate area around him. Upon using this attack he will be stunned briefly and expose the cortex on his back.
    • Naylon will always used this attack when his Stability has been broken.
  • Energy Pillars: Naylon will raise both arms on one side of his body. After a brief delay the ground beneath the player will begin to glow before a pillar of energy emerges from the ground dealing damage over time if player remains in the pillar. After the initial eruption a small pillar of energy will remain at the location for a set amount of time dealing daamage to the player if they remain in the within it.
    • Naylon can cast this up to 3 times in quick succession:
  • Seeker Orb: Naylon will create an orb of energy that will travel towards the player's location at that time. Upon reaching the location the orb will begin to gather energy and emit a disc of energy on the ground that grows dramatically in size. After a set amount of time has passed, Naylon will raise his arms causing the orb to explode dealing massive damage in a wide area around the orb.
    • Immediately begin running away from the orb and stay outside of the disc until the attack has finished.
  • Jump Slam: Naylon will jump high into the air and then fall down to the ground dealing damage in area around its landing point.
  • Summon Clone: Naylon will split a Clone from himself with significantly reduced health. The clone can use all the same attacks as Naylon.
    • The clone will have white energy lines on its body as opposed to Naylon's red.
    • The clone's health will be displayed in a small red bar on the left above Naylon's name and health bar on the HUD.


Naylon Rewards

  • 35,000 Bits (NG), 56,000 Bits (NG+), ? Bits (NG++), ? Bits (NG+++), ? Bits (NG++++)
  • True Form Armor Set
  •  No Strongbox is rewarded when defeated, as the final cutscene and credits play.


Naylon Tips & Strategies

  • Using a Launcher that deals Energy damage and high stability damage, such as the legendary Endbringer,  is very effective against this boss.
  • When Naylon's Stability meter is broken he will perform his Energy Nova attack which will stagger him and expose the cortex on his back. The moment his Stability meter breaks, the player should swap to a weapon with a high Critical Hit Bonus, such as a Sniper Rifle, and begin to circle him so you can damage his cortex while he is staggered.
  • Prioritize killing his clone when it is summoned. The clone has less health than Naylon but doubles his potential damage output so you should defeat it as quickly as possible.


Naylon Lore & Trivia

  • If you return to the arena after defeating Naylon you can find him in his humanoid form lying on the ground. You can interact with him by holding the interact button but nothing happens.
  • ??


Naylon Images

naylon_(1)_humanoid_form Naylon as an NPC in his Humanoid form as seen in the Tenth Realm arena before interacting with him
naylon_(2)_humanoid_form_close A closer view of Naylon's Humanoid form.
naylon_(3)_prime_cutscene Naylon in his Prime form as seen during the cutscene
naylon_(5)_energybolts_4arms Naylon using his Energy Bolts attack with all 4 arms. Notice the spiral pattern of the projectiles.
naylon_(4)_energy_nova_1 Naylon gathering energy to perform his Energy Nova attack.
naylon_(6)_energy_nova_explode The explosion from Naylon's Energy Nova attack.
naylon_(6)_energy_nova_stagger Naylon staggered after using his Energy Nova attack. He will be kneeling down with his right arms extending to the ground.
naylon_(6)_energy_nova_stagger_behind While staggered after using his Energy Nova attack, Naylon's back will be open exposing his cortex which can be attacked for critical damage.
naylon_(8)_energy_pillar Naylon summoning an Energy Pillar after raising his left arms.
naylon_(8)_energy_pillar_residue After the Energy Pillar eruptions have finished, they will leave small pillars of energy for a set amount of time that will damage the player over time if they remain within them.
naylon_(7)_energy_orb_grow Naylon begins his Energy Orb attack by summoning an orb at the player's location. Notice the disc of energy on the ground showing the area-of-effect of the attack.
naylon_(7)_energy_orb_grow Naylon charging the Energy Orb attack. Notice how nig the disc of energy has become, this is about 1/3 teh size of the arena.
naylon_(7)_energy_orb_explosion The explosion from the Energy Orb attack. This was taken less than 0.5 seconds after the prevous picture.
naylon_(7)_energy_orb_end The aftermath from the Energy Orb explosion created this huge discharge of energy that lingered for a few seconds. I do not know if this was just an animation or can damage the player.
naylon_(9)_clone_split Naylon (right) splitting into a clone. Notice that Naylon (right) has red energy lines on his body, whereas the clone (left) has white energy lines. The clone's healthbar can be seen in the lower left above Naylon's name on the HUD.
naylon_(10)_defeated Naylon after being defeated while the prisoner stands over his injured body.



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