New Game Plus in Immortal Unchained refers to the concept of being able to take your character and replay the game without starting over, only with a harder difficulty. This was added as a free patch to Immortal unchained on December 12, 2018 update.

New Game Plus

How to Access New Game Plus

  • After defeating Naylon in the Tenth Realm you will be given the option to begin the next New Game Plus cycle or to Continue in your current world.
  • If you choose to Continue in your current world, you can begin a New Game Plus cycle at any time by interacting with the Monolith in theGrand Hall and selecting the START NEW GAME+ option.


What Carries Over to New Game Plus


  • All Key Items are reset upon starting a New Game Plus Cycle


New Game Plus Changes

  • New "+" Variant Weapons.
  • Enemies have increased health & damage.
  • Enemy Weaknesses & Resistances to damage types increased.
  • Enemy Bits dropped increased by 1.6x (NG+), 2.2x (NG++), 2.8x (NG+++), 3.4x (NG+++).
    • Also applies to Bit Consumables (Capsules, Canisters, Cisterns)
  • Additional Enemies Added in some some locations.
  • Placement of some Enemies has changed.

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