Partuition Chamber is a Location in Immortal Unchained. Area description goes here.


Immortal Unchained Walkthrough Guide

General Information

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  • Recommended Levels: Any
  • Bosses:  None


Video Walkthrough

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Partuition Chamber Map

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NPCs in the area

  • none


  • none



  • Bit Cistern, large
  • Internal AI Assistant
  • TRM Syringe
  • ??x Item Partuition Chamber


Keys & Other

  • Aria Protocol
  • Defense Cypher


  • none



Full Partuition Chamber Walkthrough


Partuition Chamber is an optional area and is part of the Remnant World locations, there is not much to do here except open a chest in the middle of the chamber and pods that can be interacted with.

Trivia & Notes:

30 Cerium Decrees are required to open the door, which is in the forest temple area of Veridian.
One of the pods quotes Dark Souls character Laurentius of the Great Swamp.
Another quotes the final line from Blackadder Goes Forth and one has a possible reference to Undertale.


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