Power Attacks in Immortal Unchained are special attacks with ranged Weapons that use Energy. Each weapon has its own Power Attack, but some Weapons share the same Power Attack as others. Below is a list of Power Attacks and what they do, as well as what Weapons they appear on.

Power Attacks

Name Description Energy Cost Weapons That Have This
Power Burst   25 Tracker's Carbine, Veridian Defender
Flash Freeze Sprays target with freezing agent. 20 Wanderer's Rifle, Prison Guard Pistol
Grenade Launcher Fires explosive grenades. 40 Vandal's Defender, Legion Longgun
Acid Spray Sprays target with acid. 35 Legion Support Carbine
Dash Attack   10 Scout's Subgun
Hamstring   10 Legion Manhunter
Barrage   15 Berserker's Glaives
Scatter Shot   15 Mercenary's Scattergun
Precision Attack   10 Marksman's Rifle
Explosive Burst   10 Imperial Executor
Armor Piercing Shot   10 Legion Hellcaster

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