Power Attacks in Immortal Unchained are special attacks with ranged Weapons that use Energy. Each weapon has its own Power Attack, but some Weapons share the same Power Attack as others. Below is a list of Power Attacks and what they do, as well as what Weapons they appear on.

Power Attacks

Name Description Weapons That Have This
Acid Spray Sprays clouds of corrosive acid that sunder armor over time. Great-Predator's Lancer, Legion Auto-Shotgun, Legion Support Carbine
Armor Piercing Shot Fires a burst of armor-piercing shots. Ashborn Demolisher, Behemoth-Slayer Trebuchet, Emerald Monitor-Gun, Kraln Trebuchet, Legion Hellcaster, Legion SidearmThrone-Watcher Wrathcaster, Veridian Demolisher, War Council FoehammerWar Council Frostcaster, Wyrmhunter Demolisher
Barrage Unleashes a massive amount of shots in quick succession, dealing less damage but staggering the target. Archaic Shredder, Berserker's Glaives, Council Crusher, Emerald Company Protector, Emerald Warhammer, Forsaken Foehammer, Frostclaw, Legion Carbine, Legion Holmeguard Shotgun, Legion Warhammer, Moonbeam, Neophyte Nighthammer, Ravagers Homewrecker, Raven's Talons, Throne-Warden Striker, Thunderguard Warhammer, Volcanic Ballista, War Cleric's Defender
Dash Attack Fires a strong burst while dashing away from the target. Cobra Dancer's Shredders, Emerald Company Stinger, Endbringer, Gatekeeper Subgun, Neophyte Inciter, Pilgrim's Enforcer, Polaris Needlers, Rogue Inciter, Twilight Bladegun, Wyrmhunter Lancer
Energy Armor-piercing Shots Fires a burst of armor-piercing shots. War Council Foehammer, Legion Sidearm
Explosive Burst A burst of explosive projectiles that deal damage in an area. Common Shiv, Emerald Company Carbine, Imperial Ballistas, Imperial Cleaver, Imperial Executor, Kraln Chieftain's Shivs, Thunderguard Destroyer
Flame Thrower Fires a burst of flames that gradually increase in size and sets targets on fire. Ashborne Defender, Chainbreaker, Imperial Grenade Launcher, Pyre Executor, Volcanic Raider Shivs
Flash Freeze A quick spray that freezes the target. Frostguard SharprifleFrost Shiv Frostrift Lancer, High Guard Carbine, Outland Rifle, Prison Guard Pistol
Ghost Shot A small, contained, draining burst that ignores armor and shields. Lost Vengecaster, Orin's Crusher, Seer's Spear, Senator's Bladegun, War Council Equalizer, Zenith Rifle
Grenade Launcher Fires a single grenade that explodes on impact. Forsaken Company Carbine, Legion Longgun, Ravager CarbineReckless Auto-Shotgun Savage Defender, Separatist's Carbine, Veridian Siege-Destroyer
Guard Breaker A single, powerful shot that is likely to stagger the target. Especially effective against shielded targets. Escort Protector, Forsaken Striker, Imperial Manstopper
Hamstring A crippling attack that can disable the limbs of the target, dismembering arms and crippling legs. Darklance, Escort Subguns, Hailstorm Shredder, Legion Manhunter, Ranger's Lancer, Wastelands Needler
Power Burst Fires a more powerful burst, with a high increase in damage and burst speed if executed perfectly. Alabaster Dawngun, Alabaster Hellcarbine, Black Circle Shockgun, Blackblade, Cloud Dancer's Enforcers, Commander's Subguns, Firesands Needlers, Holmeguard Ballistas, Hunter's Ballista, Jaded Carbine, Legion Elite Carbine, Legion Grenade Launcher, Neophyte Striker, Polaris Clan Pistols, Satjira Destroyer, Stream-Warden Inciter, Thunderguard Enforcer, Thunderguard Shotgun, Veridian Defender, Veridian Destroyer, Warden Shockgun,
Precision Attack Fires a single shot with increased critical damage. Accurate shots cause devastating damage. Artificer Defender, Ashborn Longgun, Gatekeeper Stingers, Great-Predator Sharprifle, Legion Shadow Carbine, Legion Sniper Rifle, Long Rifle, Raider's Manstopper, Ranger's Pistol, Separatist Vindicator, Separatist's Monitor-Gun, Silver Spear, Stream-Warden Javelin, Thunderguard Longgun, Veridian Preystalker, Wyrmhunter Sharprifle
Scatter Shot Instantly empties the magazine, firing several projectiles at once with high spread. Militia Scattergun, Veridian Shotgun, Volcanic Cleaver

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