Rogue Reprobate

Health ??
Bits 14,000 (NG)
? (NG+)
? (NG++)
? (NG+++)
? (NG++++)
Drops Wolf Fang SMG
Promethium Edict

Rogue Reprobate is one of the Enemies in Immortal unchained. These hostile creatures have varying strengths and resistances, drop Bits when defeated, and sometimes other Equipment. To access this boss you must unlock the portal on Veridian in the Scar of the Abyss near the Overlook Obelisk. Upon defeat the player will be rewarded with a large strongbox containing the Wolf Fang legendary Compact Gun.

Rogue Reprobate is one of the three Rogue enemies that function as an optional boss. The other two being Rogue Malefactor and Rogue Fallacy.


Rogue Reprobate Location


Rogue Reprobate Attacks

  • Teleport: Rogue Reprobate will constantly teleport around you throughout the fight.
  • Shotgun Blast: Rogue Reprobate will aim his shotgun at the player and fire a single shot dealing massive damage and knocking the player down.


Rogue Reprobate Rewards

  • 14,000 Bits (NG), ? Bits (NG+), ? Bits (NG++), ? Bits (NG+++), ? Bits (NG++++)
  • After defeating Rogue Reprobate the Large Storagebox will contain:


Rogue Reprobate Notes & Tips

  • Rogue Reprobate is an upgraded variant of the Aberrant enemy.
  • The arena for this fight, Remnant World - The Thatch, is located directly above the Temple Ruins Obelisk in the Cinderwoods.
  • Enemies on the ground below can still shoot at you while fighting Rogue Reprobate.
  • After starting the fight you can run back to the rocky area before the narrow bridge to fight Rogue Reprobate in a wider area without having to worry about the enemies below.
  • Rogue Reprobate's Shotgun Blast attack will knock you down when hit. DO NOT attempt to heal right away as the syringe animation will prevent you from avoiding his next Shotgun Blast attack resulting in a loop of being knocked down then healing.
    • Focus on Avoiding his next shotgun blast attack then heal.
  • Rogue Reprobate can get stuck in its reload animation cycle making it very easy to defeat.
    • Wait for Rogue Reprobate to begin reloading its shotgun (usually after 2 or 3 shots). Use a high stability damage weapon (such as a Launcher) to stagger the boss during the animation. The boss will teleport and then attempt to reload again. If done correctly you can cause the boss to get stuck in a loop of reload --> stagger --> teleport --> reload.


Rogue Reprobate Images

rogue_reprobate_(2) Rogue Reprobate as when entering his arena in The Thatch.
rogue_reprobate_(1) Rogue Reprobate up close.
rogue_reprobate_(3) Rogue Reprobate about to use its Shotgun Blast attack.


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