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  • Large Sword and Shield Enemy
  • Dual Glaive Enemy
  • Rifle Enemy
  • Large Minigun Enemy
  • Wolverine
  • Giant Rifle Enemy
  • Giant Glowing Green Melee Enemy
  • Basic Enemy


Full Sanctum of Fate Walkthrough

Fate of the Commander

 From the prompted title, you'll be able to clearly see a Nexus ahead. Approaching it will trigger a cutscene of the Nexus sealing off, and the area boss appearing, setting up the battle between the both of you.

Boss Fight: Soothsayer Commander

Defeating him triggers yet another cutscene of the Nexus re-emerging, and a Large Strongbox spawning to the left of it, containing the following:

Interacting with the Augar Nexus will result in a similar cinematic as the last two, further explaining the lore of the game and slowly uncovering your character. Once again, it will also make the Nexus available as an Obelisk, and will tell you to return to the Grand Hall. Before you do so, be sure to explore the area. There's a Small Strongbox behind the Nexus containing a Support Cypher. There is also a FB drop on the right side of the Nexus.

When you turn around you'll also notice three ladies behind you: An, En, and Ena. Speak to En in the middle, and exhaust her dialogue to find out that they are 'The Oracles'; the guardians of the Agular Nexus. Behind them on the right, you'll find a Strongbox containing 1x Small Energy Potion, and 1x Heat Patch. You'll also find a set of stairs going up, and a path to the left of them which leads to a Strongbox containing the Scarab Protocol, a Support Cypher, and 1x Automated Stability Controller.

Dawn of the Prime

To avoid traversing back the entire way, take the stairs on the left of the Nexus. This will lead you to a door that can be opened. Proceed through and you will arrive at a ladder that can be kicked down. Taking the ladder down will bring you back to the room under the 'Through the Door' paragraph in the Skypath walkthrough. From here, it's a short backtrack to the portal that takes you back to the Grand Hall.

Once you've teleported back into the Grand Hall, a rumble will let out, and the hall will shake. Directly on your left you will find another NPC, a weirder one in the form of Golen. He gives you a mouthful of a lot of things, including the NPCs in the Grand Hall. You can also speak to Bren which allows you to trade your Amon's Feather for the Prison Depths Key. Speaking to Orin will also hold new dialogue, but that's about it. Speak to Aras for an informative chat, then head over to talk to the Monolith.

Hall of the Horde

Speaking to the Monolith this time around will cause a cutscene that shows it shut off all the portals, enclosing you in the hall. Orbs also begin spawning in the middle of the hall, with Basic Enemies, and Large Minigun Enemies, emerging from them. It now cuts back to you, and leaves you to deal with them. 

Wave II

Once you deal with the initial threat, a second orb appears and spawns a second wave of enemies. This time, a Large Sword and Shield Enemy, a Dual Glaive Enemy, and a couple of Rifle Enemies.

Wave III

This time, three orbs appear again. This wave includes a Large Sword and Shield Enemy, a few Wolverines, and a Giant Rifle Enemy.

Wave IV

This wave spawns several orbs including various enemies. This includes: Rifle Enemies, Giant Glowing Green Melee Enemies, and Basic Enemies. 

Rift to Stream

Defeating the fourth wave will trigger a cinematic, showing just what happened and what you have to do next; a long and interesting cinematic that also delves into the lore of the opponents you have yet to face. When the cinematic is over, speak to Aras once more to find out where to find each of your three targets, and you have also unlocked the ability to fast travel between the Nexuses you've already discovered. Once you have, head over to the portal that had just been open in the cinematic, and loot the Large Strongbox that also spawned near to it, for the following:

 With all that collected, you can fast travel to the Tribunal of Souls to proceed through the door behind the Nexus there to access The Charnels.

Sanctum of Fate Video

Sanctum of Fate Map


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