Scarab Protocol


 Hidden in the land of nomad warriors lies the way to forgotten paths.

Scarab Protocol is a Key Item in Immortal Unchained. Scarab Protocol is required to open certain strongboxes, doors and portals. The Scarab Protocol is located in a strongbox in the Apexion Sanctum of Fate after defeating Soothsayer Commander.


Scarab Protocol Location

  • Found in a Large Strongbox in the Apexion Sanctum of Fate arena after defeating Soothsayer Commander.
  • At the bottom of the staircase into the boss arena make an immediate u-turn to face the steps. There will be a path in front of you that leads down and to the right around the structure. The Scarab Protocol will be received when opening the Large Storagebox at the end of the path up a short incline of stairs.


Scarab Protocol Information

  • Opens a portal on Veridian in the Ashborne Caverns near the Nexus of Vigil to Remnant World - The Hollow on Arden where you face Rogue Malefactor. From the Nexus of Vigil follow the path to your right through the ruins. When going through the forest you will come to a fork where you may go straight or up a hill on the right, stay on the straight path. Go through the door leading to a tunnel where Grunts will crawl out of the ground. When you come to the opening with the Duelist and 2 Swarmers, the portal will be on you left.
  • Opens a large strongbox on Veridian in the Forbidden Forest near the ___ Obelisk.  After navigating through the tree branches continue through the area until you reach the two stone archways; a  Corruptor and 2 Swarmers will spawn behind you after passing through the 1st archway. Go through the 2nd stone archway and follow the right path up to the ruins. The chest will be at the top of the steps to the left of the door that requires 30 Cerium Decree to open.


  • Opens a large strongbox on ____ in ____ near the ____ Obelisk. From the ___ Obelisk ...
  • Opens a door on ____ in _____ near the ____ Obelisk. From the ____ Obelisk ...
  • Opens a portal on ____ in ____ near the ____ Obelisk to _____ on _____. From the Obelisk ...






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