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  • Crimson Shield Enemy
  • Rifle Enemy
  • Spiked Back Enemy
  • Large Sword and Shield Enemy
  • Blue Rupturing Enemy


Full Skypath Walkthrough


You'll arrive at an open area with a Tron-esque aesthetic, replacing the cyan blues with fluorescent lilac. The path to the right leads to a dead end broken bridge, so progression is forward. Before heading down the ramp ahead, be sure to use the Memorial to the left of it, and loot the Small Strongbox on the right for 1x Basic Component. Heading down the ramp will prompt the title of the area to appear.

At the bottom of the ramp, you'll reach a big rock. Move right of it to engage the enemy behind the shield. This will be a new enemy that wields a long green shield and rifle, and is red in color, or "Crimson Shield Enemy" for short. Behind him, you'll find an FB (Forgotten Bits) drop next to a ladder that needs to be lowered from above. Head left and down the rocky path to find a Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Medium, and 1x Basic Component. Head back up and this time go right, using the stone walkways, towards the other shield. Proceed past the shield above to find another enemy. Continue forward, hugging the rock on the right, and you'll find an Ancient Shard and a Small Strongbox containing 1x Advanced Scavenger Kit

Continue forward towards the lilac light, where you will encounter two more Crimson Shield Enemies, and two Blue Rupturing Enemies. At the source of the light you'll find an Armor Shrine that grants you Carrying Capacity 2. Continue left until you arrive at an FB drop. Here you'll also arrive at a split between heading down the stairs, or through the door next to it.

Down the Stairs

Head down the stairs first and follow them to the bottom to arrive at the first Obelisk of the area. Head beyond the Obelisk, and check the right of the stone path for a Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree, Legion Sniper Rifle, and 1x Advanced Component. Head back towards the Obelisk and instead of going up the stairs, go around them to find a Small Strongbox containing the Wastelands Needler. Continue in the same direction and circle around the structure until you come across a ladder. Climb it to the top and you will find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Heat Patch, and a ladder that can be kicked down on the right. This ladder brings you back to the Armor Shrine from earlier.

In between the ladder you climbed up, and the ladder you can kick down, is a small gap. Rolling through this gap will land you on a platform below, next to a Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Medium, and 1x Large Ammo Pack. If you follow the path ahead, you'll arrive at an area with more enemies (Head back up 

Through the Door

However, if you head the door instead/after the stairs, proceed through. This will bring you to another door, up a flight of stairs. Through the second door, you'll arrive back outside. Check your right for an FB drop. There is a set of stairs directly in front, as well as on the left with another FB drop; the left stairs will be guarded by a Crimson Shield Enemy, while proceeding up the middle one will spawn a Spiked Back Enemy. At the stairs on the left, head up to defeat the Spiked Back Enemy that spawns next to the Small Strongbox which contains 1x Small Energy Potion. Circle around to the stairs that were ahead to find a door. Open it and you'll find an empty room, containing only a ladder that hasn't been dropped yet. 

Hard Road to Naro

Head out and back to the stairs on the left. From here you can proceed left and find stairs going down, and a small balcony that contains nothing but a break in the barrier. If you head down the stairs, two Spiked Back Enemies will spawn directly in front of you, and another on the balcony; more and more will begin spawning the longer you allow the first ones to linger. They will immediately engage you with heavy fire, and can easily overwhelm you if not dealt with immediately. There is also a trap on the floor right when you reach the bottom of the stairs that fire's a an explosion at it, when stepped on. 

When you defeat them, continue forward and you'll find an Ancient Shard next to the lilac light. Continue on, and up the stairs, to arrive at an FB drop. Head down the stairs on the right and head to the end of the corridor to find Naro sat next to a purple light. Exhaust his dialogue then head under the stairs for an Ancient Shard, then head up the stairs and continue forward to encounter a two Blue Rupturing Enemies, and a Spiked Back Enemy. A Crimson Shield Enemy will also engage you from the right. Before turning anywhere, continue straight until you find a door. 

Obelisk II

Continue along the only path in this building to emerge out another door. This will bring you to the top of a rock, with a ladder on your left, and another ahead on the right. The closest to you leads down to a couple of enemies, but nothing noteworthy. The other one is simply to be dropped to access an earlier portion of the area. Head back through the door, and out the other side. Head back towards the doorway you entered the area, but make a left up the short stairs next to it. Continue along the path, and when you arrive at the top of the second stairs, check the right for a Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Energy Potion. Return to the stairs, and head left to encounter a Crimson Shield Enemy. Before you proceed up the next set of stairs, use the Memorial on the left, and pick up the FB drop on the right side of them.

Continue up the subsequent two flights of stairs, and head right. This will spawn a Spiked Back Enemy, and a Blue Rupturing Enemy behind you. Continue in this direction, and take the first right possible for an FB drop. Quickly before heading down here, head up the stairs next to the ones you just descended to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Medium, and 1x Basic Component. Now head down the stairs and make another right turn. You'll be able to see the Obelisk from here, and have direct access to it now; jump through the gap in the broken wall and make a beeline for it, picking up 1x Basic Component, and 1x Acid Patch, from the Strongbox on the way. 

You can continue beyond the Obelisk to lower a ladder.

Stairs of the Obelisk

On your way to the Obelisk, you can also find a path that leads left. This path contains a fire trap that is triggered when you pass it, so save your stamina to sprint through. This will bring you to a set of stairs. Spiked Back Enemies will spawn all throughout the staircase; take care of them quickly Head left onto a rocky path that leads you to an Armor Shrine, where you can unlock Elemental Resistance 3. There will also be a ladder that brings you to a higher platform you can jump off of to arrive back at the stairs, only one flight higher. The shield you find here will have a Small Strongbox containing Polaris Clan Pistols, next to it. Head up and you'll find an Ancient Shard next to a wooden door on the right. Head up once again to find a Blue Rupturing Enemy. 

On this same level, you'll find a Small Strongbox to the left of the next set of stairs, containing the Promethium Effect, and 1x Basic Component. It will be guarded by a Crimson Shield Enemy, with another joining  from the top of the stairs. On the next level there will be yet another two Spiked Back Enemies.

On the next level, two Blue Rupturing Enemies will spawn. There's a Large Strongbox on the left side of this platform that contains the following:

On this level, there will also be another Obelisk to reward you for your efforts in climbing the stairs of doom! There is also a Memorial to the left of it, and a Small Strongbox in the same direction, containing 1x Combined Patch. Another Small Strongbox directly in front of the Obelisk holds the Amon's Feather.

Path to the Big Bad of the Skypath

Facing the Obelisk, head right to find some stairs that lead down to a door. Open the door, and continue down the stairs -ignore the doors on the right as they just lead back out to the platform you were just on- to open the doors on the left, at the bottom. Here you'll encounter another two Crimson Shield  Enemy. Beyond them are another two sets of stairs, one leading straight, and the other leading left. The one leading straight will have another Crimson Shielded Enemy ascend it. Defeat him and head down the left. This will bring you to a Strongbox containing the Legion Longgun, and 1x Details Design: Pale Blue. BUT BE CAREFUL, as there is another fire trap similar to earlier here, right before you turn the corner to the box.

Head back up the stairs, and this time go down the middle. Follow this path until you are prompted with a title, letting you know you've arrived at the Sanctum of Fate


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