Soothsayer Commander

Smoothsayer Commander
Health ??
Bits 5,000
Drops ??

Soothsayer Commander is one of the Enemies in Immortal Unchained. These hostile creatures have varying strengths and resistances, drop Bits when defeated, and sometimes other Equipment.


Soothsayer Commander Location


Soothsayer Commander Attacks

  • Summon Sentinels: Soothsayer Commander pauses momentarily to summon two (2) Prime Sentinels. The Prime Sentinels will follow the player and periodically shoot a single laser blast.
    • Soothsayer Commander can use this attack multiple times even if the player has not eliminated the existing Prime Sentinels causing the player to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.
    • Soothsayer Commander will be stuck in the summon animation until complete which gives the player approximately 4-5 seconds to position themselves behind the commander to attack its weak point.


  • Upward Slash: Soothsayer Commander slashes its weapon upwards from its left foot to right shoulder.


  • Energy Balls: Soothsayer Commander will lean to its right, point its weapon in only its right hand towards the direction of the player before shoot out a number of Energy Balls that quickly travel in an oscillating line towards the player. 
    • Soothsayer Commander will always be aiming at the player so the only way to avoid this attack is by standing behind cover or placing some distance between it and the player and running perpendicular to the attack.
    • This attack CANNOT be avoided at close range as the Soothsayer Commander will always be facing the player and the projectile will immediately hit the player.


  • Energy Wave: Soothsayer Commander will lean towards the players, point its weapon using both hands towards the player and emit a single energy wave consisting of multiple smaller segments in an arc in the direction it is facing. Individual segments of the Energy Wave will disappear upon contact with any obstacle in the arena.
    • Use the pillars around the arena or the Nexus in the center as cover to avoid this attack.


  • Energy Shield: Soothsayer Commander will surround himself with a sphere of energy before rising into the air and floating to another position in the arena. Soothsayer Commander will not attack nor will it take any damage while in the sphere.
    • This is a great time to take out Sentinels or re-position to land a shot on its weak point upon landing.


Soothsayer Commander Notes & Tips

  • Soothsayer Commander does not give many opening to attack its weak spot except when summoning sentinels. Attack its weak point with a high Damage or high Critical Hit Bonus weapon  to take out a large percentage of its health during this brief window.
    • A Shotgun with the Scatter Shot Power Attack also works extremely well in this scenario.
  • The Flash Freeze Power Attack can be used to momentarily stagger the boss and knock it out of attack animations. This has no effect on the boss' Stability bar.
  • Soothsayer Commander will continuously summon sentinels to his aid whether or not the existing ones have been destroyed. Try to destroy some sentinels when you have the opportunity to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed.
  • Soothsayer Commander can only get around the arena by waling or when using its Enegry Shield attack. If you are getting overwhelmed you can circle around to the other side of the arena to give yourself a moment to heal or clear out sentinels.



soothsayer_commander_enterance_small Soothsayer Commander as seen in his in this boss fight cutsecene.
Prime Sentinels Two Sentinel Primes summoned by the Soothsayer Commander. The Sentinel on the right just fired an energy bolt at the player.
Soothsayer Commander Energy Balls Soothsayer Commander using its Energy Ball attack. Notice the path of the attack oscillates up and down while traveling.
Soothsayer Commander Energy Wave-2 Soothsayer Commander just used its Energy Wave attack. Notice that the segments of the wave that hit the structure have disappeared.
Soothsayer Commander Energy Shield Soothsayer Commander using its energy shield.


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