Soul Furnace is a Location in Immortal Unchained. Is the first area you can uncover of the abyss.


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Soul Furnace Map

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  • Blue-Winged Enemies
  • Rifle Enemies
  • Dual Drum Gun Enemies
  • Sniper Enemy


Full Soul Furnace Walkthrough

From the Charnels

Upon arriving at the entrance of the Soul Furnace, you will be greeted by a Blue-Winged Rifle Enemy, a Dual Drum Gun Enemy, and a sniper above on the right. From here, you'll notice a small entry into a building on the right. At the entrance turn around to find a Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component and 1x Cold Patch, and a Forlorn Idol next to it. Head out of that area, ignoring that entrance as it leads to the same area ahead, and continue on the main path and another Blue-Winged Rifle Enemy will appear. 

Ahead you'll notice a set of steps that lead up to another area, we'll come back to that later and will instead head right. This will bring you past a gate and to a battle against another Blue-Winged Rifle Enemy and a Basic Enemy. Once they have been defeated, interact with the Armor Shrine on the right to gain Armor Plating 3. Once you've retrieved it, head back to the steps you ignored just now to find the first Obelisk of the area. 

Obelisk I

The exit to this platform is just across where you entered, but take a look around the area for some goodies before heading out. Directly across from the Obelisk, hidden by some metallic roots is a Large Strongbox containing:

You will also find a Small Strongbox on the left of the exit gates, holding Cael's Knife. Head out the gates and down the stairs to proceed. Turn left on the stairs and follow the slender path here to a Strongbox containing a Support Cypher, and 1x Armor Dye: Yellowish. Head back out and continue forward from the bottom of the stairs. 

Gated Communities

You'll quickly pass through another set of open gates. Turn right in between the first broken wall and the tree. This will bring you to a Dual Drum Gun Enemy, and engaging him will spawn a Blue-Winged Rifle Enemy behind you. Proceed through the door on the left -beware of the trap- and turn left once again to find a Large Strongbox containing:

Continue left to find a staircase on your right. When you reach the top two Blue-Winged Enemies (wielding Frost Guns) and a Rifle Enemy will spawn on the bridge. Be careful not to step on the pressure plate right on the middle of the bridge that triggers a trap that sets the bridge ablaze and is almost certain to kill you.

Continue forward and you'll find another Blue-Winged Enemy and Rifle Enemy spawn. Before proceeding, head back to the bridge and turn right (facing away from the bridge) and hug the right rock around to find a Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree, 1x Advanced Component, and 2x Basic Component. Turn around from the box and head directly straight and then left when you hit the rocks. You'll find a Large Strongbox containing:

Head back out to the bridge and continue forward left, where you'll encounter another two Blue-Winged Enemy and a Rifle Enemy. There is also a Small Strongbox on the left wall of where the second Blue-Winged Enemy spawned, containing 1x Combined Patch. Facing the way you came from, check the left to find a set of stairs that lead to a door. This door leads to another door, but before proceeding in, check the left of this room for another 1x Combined Patch from a Small Strongbox.

Path to the Quiet

Proceed through the door, to enter another room with another set of stairs leading to another door. Behind this door is a Blue-Winged Enemy. Defeat him then pick up the FB drop at the bottom of the subsequent steps, on the right. Turn around at the drop and look for a small opening to find a Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, and 1x Cold Patch. Now head to the other side of the stairs to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Automated Stability Controller, and a small gap on the left of the stairs that leads to a Strongbox containing the Outland Rifle, 1x Heat Patch, and 1x Automated Stability Controller. Head back out, and finally, climb the stairs. 

Atop the stairs another Blue-Winged Enemy will spawn. Head right and another one will spawn in front of a Small Strongbox containing a Support Cypher. Continue forward and another will spawn on path that leads left. After killing him head down the path on the left to find a small doorway on a ruined wall, which after passing through, you will be attacked by another Blue-Winged Enemy on the right. Head out of the doorway and forward while hugging the left wall, to find an Ancient Shard and a Small Strongbox containing 1x Amor Dye: Black. Continue on and you'll find an Armor Shrine that grants you Elemental Resistance 4.

 Continue forward into a large open space and head right, into a smaller area. Here you will encounter another Blue-Winged Enemy. You will also find a Ranger's Pistol in a Small Strongbox, and 1x Bit Capsule, Small and 1x Small Energy Potion in a Strongbox here too. Head back out into the open space and go the opposite direction where there will be a Sniper targeting you. Be quick to kill him as the first boss of the area is about to make an appearance. 

Boss Fight: Silent Janissary

Dead Silence

Once the Janissary has been defeated, a short cutscene will spawn a Large Strongbox in the middle of the area you fought him on. It will contain the following:

You'll also find another Strongbox at the end of the platform containing an Offense Cypher and 1x Advanced Component. Return to the base of the platform and head down the stairs on the right to encounter three Melee Enemies. Once you walk off the stairs and head forward, a pair of Green Sword Enemies will spawn and attack you. Before continuing forward, check the right side at the base of the stairs for a Strongbox containing 1x Heat Patch, and 1x Advanced Component. Next to this box you'll find a thin doorway that leads to another Strongbox on the right containing the Promethium Edict, 1x Basic Component, and 1x Automated Stability Controller.

From this box, head forward left until you come across a Memorial. Once you've activated it proceed to the gate but make a quick left turn to look for a Small Strongbox containing another Promethium Edict. Once you've done that, pick up the FB drop at the gate then make your way around the right side of the fence instead of passing through the open gate. This will allow you to avoid the Sniper that is sitting far behind. Going around will also allow you to find the Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component. Continuing forward will spawn a Blue-Winged Enemy. On the left, a Two Orbed Enemy will spawn in the distance along with another Blue-Winged Enemy. The sniper that was targeting you at the gate can also be found on a ruined higher platform in the middle. Once they've all been defeated, continue onwards and into the door at the end. 

Delving Deeper

Entering the door will bring you to another door that opens into a room containing another door and a Strongbox with a Promethium Edict and 1x Basic Component. Continue out the door to advance to The Cauldrons.


Soul Furnace Video

Soul Furnace Map

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