Stats for Immortal Unchained are listed here along with their effects. Stats are affected by your Attributes, Armor Shrines and even Weapons.



The amount of damage you can take before dying.


The amount you can dodge, run and attack before becoming exhausted.


The amount you can use Power Attacks before needing to use an Obelisk.

Stamina Recovery

The rate your Stamina returns when not attacking, dodging or running.


Reload Bonus

How much faster you reload your ranged weapons.

Dodge Speed

How quickly you can dodge attacks.

Flinching Reduction

How much less you "flinch" when struck while attacking (affects you aim).

Critical Bonus

How much more damage you deal when dealing a Critical Hit.


Normal Weapon Scaling

Increases the damage your normal Weapons deal.

Special Weapon Scaling

Increases the damage your Special Weapons deal.

Melee Weapon Scaling

Increases the damage your Melee Weapons deal.

Healing Bonus

Increases the healing you take from Medpacks.


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    • Anonymous

      25 Feb 2019 22:21  

      Found a respec core (a one time use to reset your character) does this mean I get all the bits I have spent to change my character to a different level

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