The Cauldrons is a Location in Immortal Unchained. Area description goes here.


Immortal Unchained Walkthrough Guide

General Information

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  • Recommended Levels: Any
  • Bosses:  ??


Video Walkthrough


The Cauldrons Map

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NPCs in the area

  • None


  • ??



Weapons, Spells & Armor

Keys & Other

  • ??


  • Melee Enemies
  • Rifle Enemies
  • Drum Gun Enemies
  • Two Orbed Enemy
  • Tall Rifle Enemy
  • Green Sword Enemies


Full The Cauldrons Walkthrough

From the Furnace

From the Soul Furnace, you will emerge at a bridge that splits to either side. Head right and head up the stairs to fight a Rifle Enemy. Behind him will be a capsule that opens, releasing a Melee Enemy. Continue forward to confront two more Rifle Enemies. Continue up the stairs in the same direction and you will eventually find two Drum Gun Enemies. Continue on this path to the end, ignoring the bridge on the left momentarily, to find a Small Strongbox by a glowing machine at the end, containing the Cobra Dancer's Shredders.

Head back and cross the bridge you just ignored to spawn two Green Sword Enemies. Across the bridge will be two more Rifle Enemies, and if you check around the left side of it you'll also find a Large Strongbox (requires 1 Cyro Protocol). Turn around and head up the stairs to eventually come across two more capsules, the one with an Ancient Shard in front contains a Melee Enemy. Head up the next set of stairs and check the left edge before the next bridge, to find 1x Automated Stability Controller. You can also find an FB drop on the dead end ahead. 

Cross over the bridge and continue onwards until you arrive at a set of stairs that lead to a Tall Rifle Enemy, and two Drum Gun Enemies. Behind them will be a Two Orbed Enemy. When you arrive at the top of the stairs, two Green Sword Enemies will spawn next to you. Continue forward to the FB drop, then take the ladder right in front of it down to the first Obelisk of the area.

From Obelisk I

Climb back up the ladder and take the first right to cross a thin bridge. This will bring you to a platform with a Melee Enemy and another that pops out of the capsule on your right. Once they've been dealt with, head left up the stairs. At the top, you'll find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Heat Patch. In the not-so-distant distance you can see four Drum Gun Enemies, patrolling the area ahead. Deal with them and pick up the FB drop at the end of this platform, before crossing the thin bridge on the right. 

Once you cross it, two Green Sword Enemies will spawn right in front of you, making it very easy for you to take care of. Head right to find a Strongbox containing the Polaris Needlers, 1x Acid Patch, and 1x Basic Component, guarded by another capsule that contains a Melee Enemy. 

Turn around now and head the other way and down some stairs, you'll find a Drum Gun Enemy and a Melee Enemy. Continue forward and you'll find a Memorial on the left next to a Rifle Enemy. Proceed up the stairs again and here you will find another set of stairs ahead, but also a few steps on the right that lead to a door (7 Cerium Decree, 1 Precept Protocol required). Opening this door leads to the second Obelisk of the area.

From Obelisk II

From the Obelisk, head across the thin bridge and pick up the Ancient Shard before opening and proceeding into the Apex Citadel door.


The Cauldrons Video

The Cauldrons Map

[map goes here]

Trivia & Notes:

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