Components in Immortal Unchained are what you use to Upgrade your Weapons


Name Description Location
Basic Component
 Even the most rudimentary components can be useful for making small adjustments and upgrades to a weapon.  
Advanced Component
 Exotic parts are used to unlock weapons' further potential.  
Automated Stability Controller
 Upgraded stability controllers increases the efficiency of kinetic weapons  
Kinetic Force Engine 
 Force engines are the epitome of Prime technology, enhancing kinetic weapons beyond what was previously thought possible.  
Updated Microprocessor
 Using microprocessors is a common way to increase the internal power of energy-based weapons.  
Internal AI Assistant
 Integrated artificial assistants makes the use of energy weapons increasingly effective.

In a chest below the Magma Lake checkpoint.

In a chest near the Alley checkpoint in Apexion


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    • Anonymous

      19 Jul 2019 17:57  

      There is an "Internal AI Assistant" in a chest below the Magma Lake checkpoint. I couldn't find this info anywhere so I've put in here :)

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