Lore refers to the Mythos and Setting of Immortal Unchained's story. The release trailer has revealed the following information regarding the setting of the game:

Lore & Story

Forlorn Idols in Immortal Unchained give Lore notes about the game. Below is a list of Forlorn Idols and their Locations.

Forlorn Idols

Name Lore Note Location
The Accursed Warrior The shriek of a crying child echoed as the flames of unhinged vengeance raged. One last act of brutal violence cursed the warrior's soul.  
The Beginning Scholars have forever debated whether the Cosmos created the Monolith or vice versa. No conclusive evidence has been presented for either possibility.  
The Beheaded God Beheading wrought by the misunderstanding of the Azurian ruling caste nearly ended Golen's life.  
The Believer In the early days, one of the Prime scholars studying the Monolith made repeated claims that it was communicating with her. According to her, the Monolith created the Cosmos but would also be responsible for its destruction.  
The Boy  Trying desperately to keep his family together, the boy became their very center. Although he would ultimately fail, in the beginning he did well.  
The Brute Never showing a talent for streamwielding, Orin chose instead to hone his skill in hand-to-hand battle. Legend says no creature could best him in single combat.  
The Champion Naylon lived his life as a servant to the Prime's cause, always putting his people's needs before his own. He died as he lived, a defender of Prime values.  
The Counselor The wisest leaders know when to seek counsel and when to trust in another's knowledge. None have been wiser than Naro.  
The Created    
The Custodian Caretaker of not only the Monolith but also the prison complex that lies beneath, Aras takes great pride in his importance.  
The Diplomat Following the conclusion of open conflict, as a show of faith the ambassador Golen was one of the Prime exchanged with the Azurians.  
The Fallen Child Cast out and afraid, Arlen wandered the forest alone. The natives were too afraid to befriend the child who fell from the sky.  
The Hero Undefeated on the field of battle, Orin is the greatest warrior the Prime have ever seen. Commanding Prime forces from a remarkably young age, he has led his people to countless victories.  
The Lost Prisoner In the deep dark dungeons of the Abyss, even heroes of war suffer with their victims. Eternal torment awaits any soul not chosen for reanimation.  
The Scholar Golen has dedicated his life to acquisition of knowledge. As he gained reputation as the most learned of Prime, even Naro turned to him for counsel.  
The Sister Young and unspoiled, Iska enjoyed life. Together with her father and brothers she was happy, for a time.  
The Wayward Woman Banished and alone, the chaos of war replaced by the stillness of solitude. Lost in a labyrinth of darkness she found death her only escape.  
The Youngling Being the youngest, Iska silently endured endless teasing from her brothers. Yet she knew they loved her and would be there for her if she was ever in need.  


Mearstones in Immortal Unchained give Lore notes about the game. Below is a list of Mearstones and their Locations.


Name Lore Note Location
Pale Crystal Primordial realm of ice and death, Arden is desolate and unforgiving. The dead have settled were no-one else could. Once chillingly beautiful, this world is home now only to misery.  
Concrete Shard Since its discovery the Core has been expanded upon by the Prime. The prison complex in the lower levels house the most dangerous criminals in the Cosmos.  
Icy Pebble All life owe its existence to the mother of worlds, she who tamed the flames of Beagor with a heart of cold. Fire and ice birthed the realms of the Cosmos.  
Frozen Bone With the cold fire of wyrms extinguished, the first realms fall into decay. The unguarded archives of forgotten knowledge linger as a solemn reminder of the importance of this world.  
Brown Rock  The Humans quickly learned to live and fight in Veridian's diverse terrain. Their warriors extremely adaptable and can familiarize themselves with any battlefield with ease.   
Carved Sandstone Nomadic tribes travel the seasons to find food and shelter. This in turn leads to conflict when tribes compete for the same territory.  
Crystalized Tear The forest weighs heavy with the presence of a vengeful spirit. A forsaken child murdered in an attempt to stop fate.  
Polished Stone Fertile and unexploited, Veridian could have been a paradise had it not been for the violent nature of the humans.  
Shimmering Bauble Endless rivers cross the continents of this realm. Prehistoric humans used these rivers for travel to distant and forgotten lands.  


Cenotaphs in Immortal Unchained give Lore notes about the game. Below is a list of Cenotaphs and their Locations.


Name Lore Note Location
67th Legion Insignia A simple insignia. The number 67 is crudely carved into it.
The Bonecarvers consists of Iska's most disposable warriors, scraps from her other creations infused with the most diluted parts of the soul amalgam.
Banner of the Abyss Cloth wearing the Queen's mark. It has been torn and trampled.
Tasked with maintaining any conquered areas, the 67th legion are left behind at battlefields to enforce the will of their Queen.
Bug Bullet A crawling bug. It chews on any exposed flesh. The living ammunition of the more vicious Abyss weaponry can lock onto marked targets and will find its way around obstacles.  
Dead Larva A tiny larva. It does not move. The larva used as ammunition is stored within the flesh of the carrier and extracted into its weapon before being charged and fired.  
Empty Shard Fragment Crystal fragment. Its carries a dull color, and is cold to the touch.
Powered by splintered soul shards the swarms of the Abyss frenziedly chase their target until their energy is spent.
Frostwyrm Fang With not much known of the wyrms, many were astonished when Isormen was selected as Guardian of the Nexus of Records. Although, it was speculated that she had devoured the actual Guardian and simply taken its role. With her sudden demise, no other has been chosen to take her place.  
King's Lost Scepter Naro was one of three brothers chosen to lead the Prime. People praised him for his wisdom and tact. However, the leader's affection and trust for Cathal was a subject of great debate, especially by Naro's eldest son who never accepted the Degonite's place amongst them.  
Lock of Hair The only thing that kept Iska from ending her own life was the all-consuming obsession to one day exact vengeance against the Prime.  
Rifle Stock Some of the smaller Undead soldiers use their marking rifles to assist their larger brethren in finding their target.  
Squiggly Larva Tiny wriggling larva. It carries a pale grey color.
Some Undead weapons use living ammunition that bore into the skin of its targets.
Spear Necklace A thin metal link necklace. A tiny spear shaped jewel is attached.
There are many legends and rumors of how the beloved Naylon perished, but all are variations of how he was betrayed. Most claim that it was Cathal the Degonite who stabbed him in the back, while others claim that it was a festering poison. For some Human tribes, the spear has become the weapon of traitors, while it is common to leave a spear as an offering to Naylon's memory.
Undead Arm A severed arm. It once belonged to a Human.
Rotten flesh fused with rusted metal form the unnatural Undead. A creature manufactured from the remains of others.
Experimental Armor Core A surprisingly advanced power core. Used to boost the capabilities of Abyss armor. When all of the Abyss mobilized to assault the Cosmos, all of their secret research and weapon manufacturing came to light. Though untested and at times unstable, their equipment increased the Undead's potential to cause mayhem several times over.  
Melted Armor A piece of armor. It has fused with its former bearer.

Warrior who forego the use of ranged carbine are outfitted with plasteel armor and blades sharp enough to cut through flesh and bone alike.
Poison Canister A small metal canister. Hot to the touch. Poisonous concoctions boil and brew in the deepest bowels of the Abyss, created by Iska's alchemists to destroy their Queen's enemies.  
Rib Screw A heavy screw, Used to augment a ribcage. Larger Undead are often comprised of parts from Degonite and Kron, giving them their imposing stature.  

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