Forlorn Idols in Immortal Unchained give Lore notes about the game. Below is a list of Forlorn Idols and their Locations.

Forlorn Idols

Name Lore Note Location
The Accursed Warrior The shriek of a crying child echoed as the flames of unhinged vengeance raged. One last act of brutal violence cursed the warrior's soul.  
The Beginning Scholars have forever debated whether the Cosmos created the Monolith or vice versa. No conclusive evidence has been presented for either possibility.  
The Beheaded God Beheading wrought by the misunderstanding of the Azurian ruling caste nearly ended Golen's life.  
The Believer In the early days, one of the Prime scholars studying the Monolith made repeated claims that it was communicating with her. According to her, the Monolith created the Cosmos but would also be responsible for its destruction.  
The Boy  Trying desperately to keep his family together, the boy became their very center. Although he would ultimately fail, in the beginning he did well.  
The Brute Never showing a talent for streamwielding, Orin chose instead to hone his skill in hand-to-hand battle. Legend says no creature could best him in single combat.  
The Champion Naylon lived his life as a servant to the Prime's cause, always putting his people's needs before his own. He died as he lived, a defender of Prime values.  
The Counselor The wisest leaders know when to seek counsel and when to trust in another's knowledge. None have been wiser than Naro.  
The Created    
The Custodian Caretaker of not only the Monolith but also the prison complex that lies beneath, Aras takes great pride in his importance.  
The Diplomat Following the conclusion of open conflict, as a show of faith the ambassador Golen was one of the Prime exchanged with the Azurians.  
The Fallen Child Cast out and afraid, Arlen wandered the forest alone. The natives were too afraid to befriend the child who fell from the sky.  
The Hero Undefeated on the field of battle, Orin is the greatest warrior the Prime have ever seen. Commanding Prime forces from a remarkably young age, he has led his people to countless victories.  
The Lost Prisoner In the deep dark dungeons of the Abyss, even heroes of war suffer with their victims. Eternal torment awaits any soul not chosen for reanimation.  
The Scholar Golen has dedicated his life to acquisition of knowledge. As he gained reputation as the most learned of Prime, even Naro turned to him for counsel.  
The Sister Young and unspoiled, Iska enjoyed life. Together with her father and brothers she was happy, for a time.  
The Wayward Woman Banished and alone, the chaos of war replaced by the stillness of solitude. Lost in a labyrinth of darkness she found death her only escape.  
The Youngling Being the youngest, Iska silently endured endless teasing from her brothers. Yet she knew they loved her and would be there for her if she was ever in need.  

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