Forlorn Idols in Immortal Unchained give Lore notes about the game. Below is a list of Forlorn Idols and their Locations.

Forlorn Idols

Name Lore Note Location
The Wayward Woman Banished and alone, the chaos of war replaced by the stillness of solitude. Lost in a labyrinth of darkness she found death her only escape.  
The Sister Young and unspoiled Iska enjoyed life. Together with her father and brothers she was happy, for a time.  
The Youngling Being the youngest Iska silently endured endless teasing from her brothers. Yet she knew they loved her, and would be there for her if she was ever in need.  
The Lost Prisoner In the deep dark dungeons of the Abyss even heroes of war suffer with their victims. Eternal torment awaits any soul not chosen for reanimation.  
The Accursed Warrior The shriek of a crying child echoed as the flames of unhinged vengeance raged. One last act of brutal violence cursed the warrior's soul.  

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