Mearstones in Immortal Unchained give Lore notes about the game. Below is a list of Mearstones and their Locations.


Name Lore Note Location
Pale Crystal Primordial realm of ice and death, Arden is desolate and unforgiving. The dead have settled were no-one else could. Once chillingly beautiful, this world is home now only to misery.  
Concrete Shard Since its discovery the Core has been expanded upon by the Prime. The prison complex in the lower levels house the most dangerous criminals in the Cosmos.  
Icy Pebble All life owe its existence to the mother of worlds, she who tamed the flames of Beagor with a heart of cold. Fire and ice birthed the realms of the Cosmos.  
Frozen Bone With the cold fire of wyrms extinguished, the first realms fall into decay. The unguarded archives of forgotten knowledge linger as a solemn reminder of the importance of this world.  
Brown Rock  The Humans quickly learned to live and fight in Veridian's diverse terrain. Their warriors extremely adaptable and can familiarize themselves with any battlefield with ease.   
Carved Sandstone Nomadic tribes travel the seasons to find food and shelter. This in turn leads to conflict when tribes compete for the same territory.  
Crystalized Tear The forest weighs heavy with the presence of a vengeful spirit. A forsaken child murdered in an attempt to stop fate.  
Polished Stone Fertile and unexploited, Veridian could have been a paradise had it not been for the violent nature of the humans.  
Shimmering Bauble Endless rivers cross the continents of this realm. Prehistoric humans used these rivers for travel to distant and forgotten lands.  

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