Cathal is an NPCs in Immortal Unchained. NPCs are characters that provide information, items and quests to the player in the game.



Information about Cathal

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Cathal is a Degonite warrior that was recruited by King Naro during the Prime-Azurian war. This was met by strong opposition from his sons Orin and Naylon.

The Prime forbade Cathal from reproducing, in response to this he tore out a part of his own heart and splits it into three parts,which are used to bring life to his three children - Malog, Arlen and Iska.

His three children are prophesied to bring about the downfall of the Primes, out of desperation they have the three either imprisoned, exiled or killed in an effort to prevent this from coming true. In response, Cathal slays Naylon and is imprisoned. 

Eventually, it is revealed through Aras that the unnamed prisoner was actually Cathal all along, whom Aras has harbored animosity towards. Aras had Cathal murder his own children for his personal amusement, this triggers a fight between the two in the Core's Grand Hall which ends with Aras being killed.

Cathal enters the Stream and finds the source of the instability being the spirit of Naylon, who has been driven mad after centuries of torture by Iska. Naylon wishes to create a new universe, which will result in the destruction of the current one.

After Naylon is defeated he explains that he was merely "trying to usher in a better world", Cathal reveals his true form and launches into a speech...

And  you will - however, not as you had hoped.

What brazen arrogance to think abandoning me in that cell would make you all safe.

You were all sadly mistaken.

Being in that cold... that darkness... revealed the truth. We were trapped.

The Prophecy... a cruel charade.

Creation... Existence... Destruction... Over... and over... and over again.

Always destined to be either rulers or slaves. No more.

In that torturous repeating cycle, I began, ever so slightly, to become aware of this twisted destiny of ours.

And you Naylon, well, the blade I pierced you with carried a poison.

It planted just enough doubt and motivation for you to distract everyone with this pedestrian display of yours.

And now, here we are. The Prophecy will come true. This universe will be destroyed.

But not like Aras wished... nor how the Oracles foresaw.

You see, the Oracles can only predict the actions of beings from this universe. They cannot foretell the actions of beings from another.

Therefore I allowed myself to be controlled by such a being for this purpose.

You, you were all but cogs in my plot...

(Now directly addressing the player)

 Including you. Whoever - whatever - you are.

And like them, you are no longer of any use. 

(Switches off monitor)

Location of Cathal




  • As with all the other characters in the game, Cathal is based on a figure from Norse Mythology, in this case, he is based on Loki.



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