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Orin is an NPC in Immortal Unchained. NPCs are characters that provide information, items and quests to the player in the game.



Information about Orin

  • Orin's questline: You will need to interact with Orin twice through out the level until you reach a point where he will call for help *Be warned when dropping down as you will need to fight a horde of enemies if you are to die so will the NPC* At this time he will give you the Beacon key you will take this to the small stoned yard after the Amber Monarch and activate the beacon he will arrive and have a few lines of dialog before another small amount of enemies, defeat them and cycle his dialog he will return to The Core, speaking with him at the core will reward you with the Hunters Key
  •  While on Apexion you will reach a portion where you are in a Greenhouse like area, on the right hand side will be two of the unique lanterns found in the area and behind it a door where the Hunters Key  can be used, inside is lore and a chest containing Orin's Crusher.


Location of Orin

  • Orin is located near the Overgrowth Checkpoint
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Notes and Tips

  • After you've met him already, you will find him again later in the level in a pit. He will ask for a helping hand. If you drop down, you will get into an ambush with several enemies. If you don't survive the encounter, he will also die. ALT+F4 if you can't beat them to try again and save him.



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    • Anonymous

      25 Mar 2019 17:45  

      i didnt meat him in the part where you drop down, dropped down but he wasnt there. nor any enemies. i didnt find this part till after i beat the level after this one though so maybe thats it. but i think i heard him say " will no one hear my plea" but he wasnt in the below area in the 3rd part of meeting him. idk if he respawns anywhere else yet

      • Anonymous

        22 Sep 2018 03:01  

        if you're skipping the dialogue, be careful because left click is also the attack button. ***** my Second Game (and last) because of this*****.

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