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  • Basic Enemy
  • Wolverine
  • Dual Glaive Enemy
  • Rupturing Enemy
  • Flamethrower Enemy
  • Sniper Enemy
  • Large Sword & Shield Enemy
  • Crimson Enemy
  • Large Crimson Enemy

Full Forbidden Forest Walkthrough

Forest Obelisk

When you enter from the Ashborne Caverns, you will immediately notice an FB drop ahead, by a tree and a slanted structure. Pick it up then turn right and look at the big tree next to the edge. Go to it to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Technical Aptitude Boost. Turn around and head back, and around the other side of the slanted structure. Here continue straight ahead, towards the gap in the ruined wall, to find an NPC by the name of Orin. Continue through the gap, and you will find a Point of Interest, in front of a vault door. There is a lever next to the door that allows you to open it, but only if you have acquired a Gemini Protocol, which you haven't yet. So head back out the gap in the wall again. 

Head across the bridge on the left to encounter a large enemy wielding a saw sword and a shield. Behind him is an FB drop, and another bridge that leads to two enemies (1 Rifle, 1 Wolverine). Once they're dealt with, sharp turn left and head down to encounter another Wolverine, and a Rocket Launcher Enemy. Continue ahead to the FB drop to fight a rifle enemy. Head right from here to find an Obelisk.

Orin Again

Head back out and continue straight, hugging the right side to find a Strongbox containing a Hailstorm Shredder, and 1x Bit Capsule, Medium. Once you've acquired this, head back up the same ramp you took to get here, but this time head straight through, instead of heading to the bridge on the right. This will bring you down a path that leads down to an FB drop and a Wolverine, and a Rocket Launcher Enemy. At the end of this bridge, on the right you'll find a Large Strongbox that requires 9 Cerium Decree. From the bridge, head forward right to use an Ancient Shard, then head up the little ramp next to it and continue on, hugging the left area. You'll find a broken wall to find Orin again. After some lore, pick up the FB drop and loot the Small Strongbox for a Cerium Decree, directly on his right. 

Obelisk II

Head back out the broken wall, and left, in between the wall and the bridge there is a little path that contains a Small Strongbox with 1x Basic Component. From here, look for the root on the left, that leads up; you can walk on this root to take you to a higher level of the area you would encounter if you had just taken the bridge. On this higher area, you'll come across two Rocket Launcher Enemies, and a large Saw sword and Shield Enemy. Once they've been defeated, drop down and look for an Armor Shrine hidden in an alcove, for a Medical Attachment 1. Next to it on the right, you'll find a Forlorn Idol, and a Small Strongbox containing a Morning Star. Head out and continue forward until you reach the FB drop.

Head left to find a Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, and 1x Heat Patch. Head out and continue left. You'll come across two rupturing enemies. From this area, head right to find a ladder that leads up to a Rocket Launcher Enemy. Once defeated, continue past him down a long straight path, hugging the left area to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Ammo Pack. If you continue on, you'll find a set of bushes that when walked through, lead to an Obelisk. 

Not Again

Head back through the bushes, and all the way back down the ladder. Head right to encounter a Rocket Launcher Enemy, and an FB drop. Continue forward, under the arch doorway into an area of ruins. Before exiting the other arch, head left just before. This will lead you through a small path to a temple-esque area. You'll hear "Whose ear can hear my plea?" without a person in sight. Continue a little forward to see the gaps in the floor, revealing Orin once again. Drop down to speak to him here. Doing this will trigger loud whispers around the area, one would assume a warning of impending doom; you would not be wrong. A bunch of melee enemies will spawn. From Orin, head right to find a Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree, 1x Armor Dye: Moss Green, and x1 Portable Relay. Make sure you kill every enemy down here, then speak to Orin; an easy indicator is that his dialogue will change from "Has the vine made you mad?" to "Our efforts are victorious". He will reward you with the Beacon Key.

Obelisk III

From Orin, turn around and head straight, then follow the path until you emerge from the underground area via stairs. When you do, you'll find a door leading out, and a gap in the wall. Head through the gap to find a Forlorn Idol, and return to the temple-looking area. Take the door to progress. Once you have, take the stairs down to an FB drop, and to fight the Rocket Launcher Enemy and Wolverine. In the lower area, you'll find a large sword and shield enemy, and another three Wolverines. Ahead in this courtyard, you'll find a Large Strongbox that can only be opened after collecting 8 Cerium Decree, that contains the following:

Very close by, you'll find a set of stairs on the left. Take these up to find a gazebo holding a Strongbox, which contains 1x Energy Patch, and 1x Acid Patch. Beyond this box, you'll see an Obelisk. 

Head back down the stairs and continue straight across, ignoring the big stairs on the left. As you continue, you'll find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, next to the right wall. You will approach a big tree with an FB drop after. Continue hugging the right wall, and do a U-turn into a tree trunk where you will find another large sword and shield enemy. At the end of the tree trunk, you'll find a Forlorn Idol, and will also arrive back at the stairs we ignored in the first sentence of this paragraph. Take them up this time, and pick up the FB drop on the steps. Once you pick it up, do a U-turn to the left and find a small passage that leads to a Small Strongbox containing a Cerium Decree. Head back out, and proceed to the top of the stairs to continue.

Obelisk IV

Continue in the same direction to come across a doorway. Before proceeding in, check your left for a Small Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Medium. This door brings you to a very short corridor that brings you right back out to the other side of the jungle; in the same corridor, you'll find a locked door on the right wall, which you do not have access to. Continue out the hallway and hug the right wall. This will bring you to a wall that divides an area holding a two Large Sword and Shield Enemy, a Wolverine, and a Rocket Launcher Enemy. You'll also find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component, next to the doorway here. Head through the doorway and down the stairs, and pick up the FB drop before heading into this doorway. Following this path will lead you to another Obelisk. 

Forest Tings

Head up the stairs next to the Obelisk to arrive at another familiar-looking split; a hole in the wall on the left, and a door on the right. Head through the hole first to loot a Small Strongbox for a Cerium Decree, and 1x Basic Component, then out the door. Pick up the FB drop on the left, then proceed right, into an area with a Large Shield and Sword Enemy, a Wolverine, and a Rocket Launcher Enemy. There's an FB drop on the higher platform ahead, which can be easily accessed via the stairs on the right side of the area. When you've cleared out the area, look left for a ladder down, and take it. You'll arrive on the left side of the broken stairs in the middle. Head over to the right side of them to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Energy Patch.

Continuing forward brings you to another split. On the left you'll notice two Large Sword and Shield Enemies, while straight ahead is just a path beyond an arch. But because nothing good comes easy, defeat the two enemies here to access the Strongbox behind them for an Imperial Executor, and 1x Basic Component. Now you can head out the path (notice the Memorial on the left of the arch). Pass the second arch to pick up an FB drop, and immediately be swarmed by three of Wolverines. Follow the path on the left, up the stairs on the left - BE CAREFUL of the fire trap mounted on the wall of the stairs. Up the stairs, you'll encounter two Wolverines, and a Rocket Launcher Enemy.

Up the next set of steps, you'll find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component on the right. Up the next steps, you'll encounter another Sword and Shield Enemy. Up the next steps, two Rocket Launcher Enemies, and an Ancient Shard behind them. Up the final steps here, you'll find an FB drop to the left of a doorway. Make your way through the doorway, and out the exit straight ahead, and continue forward until you find a set of bushes in the way. This brings you to a Strongbox containing a Precept Protocol, and an Offense Cypher. Head back into the doorway, but this time head out left and you'll find another three Wolverines. Past them is an FB drop next to another door, once again. Enter it, and proceed out the crack in the wall to pick up the FB drop, and a Satjira Destoyer from the Small Strongbox on the left. 

Re-enter the crack, and continue down the other doorway. This leads down to area you just overlooked from the platform through the crack above. You'll immediately notice enemies ahead, but first head left straight away and circle around the building you just emerged from to find a Strongbox containing a Legion Grenade Launcher. Head back to the doorway, this time head right and you'll notice an Armor Shrine literally next to the door that gives you Armor Plating 2. Now engage the Large Crimson Enemies ahead, and once you kill them, instead of heading down the stairs, hug the edge but walk left to find a ladder down. This brings you to a Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Ammo Pack. Pick that up, then continue ahead, straight into the cave. At the bottom, you'll find another Crimson Enemy. 

Obelisk V & The Crimson

Proceed down the stairs, and straight across find another Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Energy Potion. From here, the short steps up on the left lead to a closed cell and a Large Strongbox that requires 20 Cerium Decree to access, so head right. Doing so will bring you to an area that has stairs on the right, and a narrow passage ahead; take the passage first. Follow it all the way until you reach an Obelisk, and next to it is a Large Strongbox that can only be opened if you've obtained the Adamant Protocol (which you must have if you've followed the guide). This box contains the following:

Backtrack to the stairs you ignored to proceed through the passage and the Obelisk, and head up them. Pick up the 800 FB drop, and continue through the arches to arrive at the Crimson Arena.


Forbidden Forest Video

Forbidden Forest Map


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