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  • Wolverine
  • Dual Glaive Enemy
  • Blue Melee Enemy
  • Rifle Enemy
  • Large Sword and Shield Enemy


Full Crimson Arena Walkthrough

The Arena

Shortly after the title prompt, you'll arrive at a small platform, and a cutscene will begin. This cutscene will reveal the boss of the area, and enclose you in the platform so you cannot escape.

Boss Fight: Ravager Commander

Fall of the Commander

Once defeated, the shields that concealed you in the area disappear, and another cutscene commences. This time, it spawns a Large Strongbox ahead containing:

Head up the stairs, and check on the right for a Small Strongbox containing 1x Bit Capsule, Medium. Directly in front, you'll find a familiar contraption. This is the Nexus of Vigil, and interacting with it shows you a cinematic, revealing some lore and background on your character. After the cutscene, much like the one in Tribunal of Souls, the Nexus becomes available as an Obelisk. There is also a Point of Interest on the right of the Nexus. 

From the Nexus

Head right of the Nexus to continue. This brings you down to an open area where you will find two Wolverines right ahead, and a Dual Glaive Enemy on the right. Above will also be a basic enemy that will fire at you from the top of a tower. Continue in the direction of the Glaive Enemy. This will bring you to a Strongbox on the right containing a Savage Defender, and 1x Small Ammo Pack, and a set of stairs on the left. Continue up to find a small set of steps next to you, on your right that lead to a Memorial. From the Memorial, turn around and go straight to find a Small Strongbox containing 1x Basic Component. Once again turn around, and head up the steps with a Rocket Launcher Enemy roaming above. 

Up the next three flights of stairs, you'll arrive back at the jungle. Atop the stairs, check right for a Small Strongbox containing 1x Small Ammo Pack. Continue forward to encounter a Wolverine Enemy, then a Large Sword and Shield Enemy ahead. Past the two, you may find another Wolverine on the left, guarding an Ancient Shard. Just beyond, you'll notice a doorway up a couple of steps. Proceed to the door and it will open, allowing you to emerge into a passage covered in roots and tree branches. Follow the passage through, and you will encounter a Wolverine, a Dual Glaive Enemy, 4 Blue Melee Enemies, and a Large Sword and Shield Enemy at the end. 

Going into the first gazebo you see will prompt a Memorial to rise there. If you head left here, you'll find a door that can only be unlocked after acquiring 15 Cerium Decree and 1 Scarab Protocol, which at this point you haven't, so continue forward instead. Once again, you'll find yourself on another jungle-esque path holding 3 Wolverines this time. Beyond them you'll find two paths, one leading down and the other leading up.

Take the path leading up first, and defeat the Rocket Launcher Enemy. Doing so will cause two Wolverines to rise from the ground directly behind him, and a Rupturing Enemy and another Wolverine behind them. Two basic enemies will also proceed down. Make your way up the ramp and at the top, you'll find two Rifle Enemies. Up here you'll find nothing but a small doorway, so proceed through it, and up the stairs to find another Wolverine and Rifle Enemy. This will lead you to a room with a crack on the wall, a door, and two Large Strongboxes. The one that requires 18 Cerium Decree contains the following:

The other that requires 1 Promethium Edict contains the following:

Out the crack, you'll find a Forlorn Idol, while the door will immediately hold an attack from a Basic Enemy, and a Rifle Enemy from above. Up the ramp on the left you'll also notice a few rupturing enemies begin to spawn. Once they've been defeated, continue along the path and into the structure via the doorway. This brings you to a door that grants you access back to the beginning of the Forbidden Forest.

From here make your way back to the Ashborne Caverns to return to the Grand Hall

The Hall

Once you've arrived, you'll notice Orin on the right of the Monolith; you may speak to him and exhaust his dialogue for a Hunter's Key. You may also speak to Aras, and Bren for new dialogue too. Speak to the Monolith as well. To continue on, open the Apexion door for 4000 FB.


Crimson Arena Video

Crimson Arena Map


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