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Archive Arrival

Upon arriving through the doors guarded by the Molten Knight, you'll immediately find an Obelisk on your left. Proceeding forward will bring you down to an open platform where it may seem like a boss encounter as the sole Molten Knight roams the space, but it ultimately isn't. Once you engage it, three Rifle Enemies will emerge from behind. Deal with them and continue down the stairs to face two Sentinel Enemies, and then continue down into another open area. Here you will be targeted by two more Sentinels from the higher platforms which can be accessed via the two sets of stairs on either side ahead. The only problem is that once you reach the bottom of the stairs, two Phantoms will appear and attack you from behind. 

Once they've been cleared, climb any of the stairs and use the ladder on the right to drop down to the proceeding open space. Here you will have to fight the Drone Lord in the middle, and the two Molten Knights at the back. There will also be two Rifle Enemies who will engage you from the stairs behind the knights, once you get too close. Once they have been defeated, proceed up those stairs to arrive at a thin walkway where you may notice a Bellower on the lower platform, on either side of the walkway. Ahead there will also be a Rifle Enemy that you need to get past. Once you do, sprint through the bridge, ignoring the other two enemies for now, and land on the Obelisk all the way across. 

Obelisk II

From the Obelisk, be ready for a battle and head upstairs where you will face a Sentinel, and a couple of Deviants. There will also be two more Sentinels on the floor above that will target you from above. Once defeated, head up the next two sets of stairs until you reach another large platform holding two Phantoms. Once defeated, before proceeding through the thin doorway behind them, turn around to find a Large Strongbox (1 Phantom Protocol required).

Once looted, head back through the thin doorway and continue through the corridor until you reach a raising door, lowered to grant you access. After this, proceed up the remaining staircases to reach a suspended platform. Crossing over the bridge that separates you from it will result in a cutscene, showing you your imminent encounter.

Boss Fight: Iska

Once you defeat Iska, a Large Strongbox will appear, and a cinematic will play shortly after. The box will contain the following:

Next Step

Once you've defeated Iska, use an Obelisk to return to the Grand Hall. Once you're there, speak Aras to learn what else you must do. Speak to Bren and she'll ask for a Charred Locket, and in-return she will reward you with 17,500 FB. 


Archive of the Lost Video

Archive of the Lost Map

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