Tribunal of Souls is a Location in Immortal Unchained. Tribunal of Souls is located on the ice planet Arden and is home to the Holmeguard Commander


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Full Tribunal of Souls Walkthrough 

Tribunal of the Commander

From the moment the title, "Tribunal of Souls" prompts, continue forward to trigger a cutscene to the boss fight of the area. 

Boss Fight: Holmeguard Commander



This boss engages by planting his shield and firing a green beam forward. This gives you a great opening to get behind him, and bombard the weak spot on his back. After this, he'll engage by smashing his halberd at you. The best strategy to employ against him is maintaining your space which will eventually lead him to plant his shield and let out his laser attack again, which once again gives you a great opening. 

Holmeguard Down, Nexus Up

Defeating him will spawn a Large Strongbox containing the following:

Head forward to the left and up the stairs. This will bring you to a platform with a giant eyeball-looking mechanism, which is actually a 'Nexus of Records' that can be interacted with. Ignore it for just a second and loot the area. You'll find a 300 FB drop on the very right of the Nexus, and a Small Strongbox near to it containing 1x Small Energy Potion. Once you've claimed these items, interact with the Nexus for a short cinematic. 

You will be told to return to The Core, and the Nexus will now function as an Obelisk -there will also be a Memorial right behind the Nexus that will explain the cinematic flashes you just experienced.

Back at the Grand Hall

Do as instructed and return to the Grand Hall to speak to Aras. He'll ask you to merge with the Monolith. This is when it will be revealed to you that you have to traverse all 9 realms to reset all the Nexuses. You will now also find Bren in the Grand Hall, who will now reveal more lore and her backstory.

The doors to the Veridian, and Apexion are now available to access for 1000 FB, and 4000 FB, respectively.


Tribunal of Souls Video

Tribunal of Souls Map

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