Rogue Malefactor

Health ??
Bits 21,000 (NG)
? (NG+)
? (NG++)
? (NG+++)
? (NG++++)
? (NG+++++)
Drops Gold Star Assault Rifle
Promethium Edict

Rogue Malefactor is one of the Enemies in Immortal unchained. These hostile creatures have varying strengths and resistances, drop Bits when defeated, and sometimes other Equipment. To access this boss you must unlock the portal on Veridian past the Crimson Arena. You must retrieve the Scarab Protocol after defeating the Soothsayer Commander on Apexion to open the portal. Upon defeat the player will be rewarded with a large strongbox containing the Gold Star legendary Assault Rifle.

Rogue Malefactor is one of the three Rogue enemies that function as an optional boss. The other two being Rogue Reprobate and Rogue Fallacy.


Rogue Malefactor Location


Rogue Malefactor Attacks

  • Summon Corrupted Berserker: Rogue Malefactor will have Corrupted Berserkers spawn into the arena periodically throughout the fight.
    • The longer the fight goes the more Berserkers will spawn. If you cannot kill the berserkers quickly it is best for you to come back later when you have stronger weapons as you will be easily overwhelmed by the number of enemies and teleporting boss.
  • Teleport: Rogue Malefactor will constantly teleport around the arena throughout the fight.
  • Frost Gun Barrage: Rogue Malefactor will aim his frost-gun at the player and fire off three bursts at the player with a brief pause between each burst.
    • This attack deals frost damage.
    • This attacks deals significant stability damage on the player and will likely cause them to stagger.
  • Frost Gun Sweep: Rogue Malefactor will fire his frost gun while turning creating a wide arc projectiles.
    • This attack deals frost damage.
    • This attacks deals significant stability damage on the player and will likely cause them to stagger.
  • Stomp: When in close proximity to the player, Rogue Malefactor with stomp the ground and deal frost damage in the immediate area around itself.
    • This attack deals frost damage.


Rogue Malefactor Rewards

  • 21,000 Bits (NG), ? Bits (NG+), ? Bits (NG++), ? Bits (NG+++), ? Bits (NG++++), ? Bits (NG+++++)
  • After defeating Rogue Malefactor the Large Strongbox will contain:


Rogue Malefactor Notes & Tips

  • Rogue Malefactor is very similar to the Frost-Gun Phantoms between the Prison & Courtyard Obelisks on Arden.
    • You can practice for this boss by fighting the single Phantom near the Prison Obelisk as they share all the same attacks.
  • Use one of the pillars in the corner of the room as cover so you may go around the corner at any time to hide from Rogue Malefactor while healing or dealing with the Corrupted Berserker.
  • Using Cold Patches during the fight will reduce the frost damage and frost duration when struck by Rogue Malefactors Attacks.
  • Equipping the Polar Aspect will reduce frost damage by 10% and frost duration by 50% will help you survive.
  • Equipping the Grit Aspect will give you 40% damage reduction and 100 stability while using a Syringe allowing you to heal even when taking damage from Rogue Malefactor and the Berserkers.


Rogue Malefactor Images

rogue_malefactor_(3) Rogue Malefactor after finishing its teleport animation.
rogue_malefactor_(5) Rogue Malefactor up close with wingtips dimmed.
rogue_malefactor_(2) Rogue Malefactor up close with wingtips off.
rogue_malefactor_(7)_back_&_core Rogue Malefactor core when viewed from behind.
rogue_malefactor_(4)_stomp Rogue Malefactor performing its Stomp attack.


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